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Thu Apr 12 17:54:48 2018 +0000
55b5751bea653271a715c3c7de3748e31bc2723bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1443587, bug 1444361)
64eeb41e22928c9307606e9cb77afe37c0730000Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 319231c9be3b (bug 1450690) until regressions caused by it are sorted out. DEVEDITION_60_0b12_BUILD1 DEVEDITION_60_0b12_RELEASE FENNEC_60_0b12_BUILD1 FENNEC_60_0b12_RELEASE FIREFOX_60_0b12_BUILD1 FIREFOX_60_0b12_RELEASE
5a573ad73b78509ff92daed4d161fb9244fb8dc1Justin Wood — Bug 1441353. Fix beta decision bustage. r=aki a=bustage
e34ed4b609e54848bb609d6be64d7300272c97f1Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1441353 - part 2: Add beetmover job to publish signed langpacks r=Callek a=ritu
d0b45d0fc8ccdcedaeedb6d1b945bc8da15603e1Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1441353 - part 1: Add AMO tasks for signing and uploading r=Callek a=ritu
08762d09e874158f71b142bcd607181b22c99220Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1442884 - Show request details button does not work when the first request list item is not shown using any filters: fix eslint issue r=eslint a=eslint-fix
e4795b79e8c256b7632434f103f0bfd85fe48cf6Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1447273 - Add test to check that different GainNode configuraitons produce correct output. r=padenot a=jcristau
d83cf78e4b25a9c649b3974b279280f6b3e74863Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1447273 - Consider all AudioChunk members in AudioChunk::CanCombineWithFollowing. r=padenot a=jcristau
432a01ff2f83fb4e23f815c250a8eb07632ab3fcAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1447273 - Reduce AudioChunk::CanCombineWithFollowing indentation. r=padenot a=jcristau
ce914d685d4950e0aa70d76534481edd6200ecdcChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1451094 - Fix null loadinfo deref. r=mayhemer a=jcristau
4f4f03584f6a7ce3bc5278b97cd0a090116db501mayank.raj — Bug 1442884 - Show request details button does not work when the first request list item is not shown using any filters. r=Honza a=jcristau
99690fed70cc2a25e1b78efd2ec445969e92f3e7James Willcox — Bug 1447607 - Correctly init and update ElfLoader::Singleton::lastError r=glandium a=RyanVM
84d5902b3a0276cf83cb0d3fa742d2721935f59bKris Maglione — Bug 1451940: Don't reparse stylesheets when assigning empty string to empty element. r=bz a=jcristau
36b90debcd465bc6c7af1c3b01ba73aef7647611Lee Salzman — Bug 1449352 - always composite 24 depth WindowSurfaceX11 as BGRX. r=jrmuizel a=jcristau
7617bd6c7f2c215fcdd344af2cad8b0a6b1537b6Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1452048 - Read _captureStarted under lock on the camera thread. r=dminor a=jcristau
5032bbe4c92fb0cb307b8c11c824993ce0d51e69Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1452048 - Leave critical section before calling into java StartCapture(). r=dminor a=jcristau
b932d9bda916e058c01b7a6518a0d453edfbdc58Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1452048 - Give Looper lifetime control to external callers. r=dminor a=jcristau
c0ae9d98922d58dd629644966a67b35f30e35bdaalexander :surkov — Bug 1451673 - "Crash in mozilla::a11y::HTMLTableAccessible::IsProbablyLayoutTable" r=MarcoZ a=jcristau
d464bc1927f02af0fa7c4a3d5c1b38e1530f6fabDavid Parks — Bug 1446499: Use static nsWindowsDllInterceptor in plugin's HookProtectedMode r=aklotz a=jcristau
9b49a4d349240fc547bfe75eb8c4bca5df1784dbRichard Newman — Bug 1442248 - Don't attempt to advance to the next sync stage if we've aborted. r=eoger a=jcristau
9c43b5c6ee7281835568b853c4104214c1c02809Adam Gashlin — Bug 1437941: Don't ignore mousemove after fullscreen transition r=handyman a=jcristau
6244d0e8ca93e80525c5d8d8efdcaa08e33b3242Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1448374 - Loading a .javascript file from a WebExtension's web_accessible_resources messing with macOS file associations r=jimm a=jcristau
5c9ecfe219442ce82186e6c4ee630c40a96d9219Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1437281 - OSX dragging image to desktop changes OSX File associations r=mystor a=jcristau
4caca965bb6c8d810f4a90f9678af95d3030e9b1arthur.iakab — Bug 1425175 skip-waiting-using-registration.https.html.ini disabled on Linux, OSX opt, Windows 7 pgo platforms r=jmaher a=test-only
bf3f15489315db3b1330dd866a478429baf3e2a1Vinothkumar Nagasayanan — Bug 1424023 - Test run time reduced using another new iframe. r=ckerschb a=test-only
e595eb784023406aa49fe62c3ac637295987cff9Nevin Chen — Bug 1399388 - Only when new page is exactly 'about:home' will be treated as default home page. r=sdaswani a=jcristau
923b9070f099f187bbde828b8266c8e97e22cf2cChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1286861: Add tests for same site top-level. r=mgoodwin a=jcristau
9024291f55d418c046ebc93a03eac06f4976ccc5Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1286861: Add tests for same site subrequests. r=mgoodwin a=jcristau
ca8c228d8d97afdbf0577364d6a0acdd75874dc9Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1286861: Update CookieService to enforce same site cookies. r=valentin a=jcristau
319231c9be3b788474869fa2fe2fa1f98fef7b72Chris H-C — bug 1450690 - Ensure extra_keys applies to more than just the first dynamic Telemetry Event r=Dexter,froydnj a=jcristau
8f64d3c436b3cf9298777aa2c8272e040b73da49Michael Kaply — Bug 1453012 - Block all chrome URLS if about: policy is active. r=felipe a=jcristau
04cc6231a6f49a10fbf35de941fc12c760f538dbKit Cambridge — Bug 1453449 - Completely disable the buffered bookmarks engine in 60. r=tcsc a=jcristau
48cfe533720af340ee6bdf7b13fca2843bc32f05L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
7d44286dfc7169d8f9df5f0ecee289c8852c0c34L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
054b446f9b1b572fb53a0c5db52d134ffe0ddafbL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
0df1d0c09ec97b0ba496ddf19f67b8e7ddddc7f5L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump