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Sat Jul 02 02:04:09 2022 +0000
16a4e1535415f08816deb88d4f2bcf214034c4f6moz-wptsync-bot — Fuzzy query=web-platform-tests !macosx !shippable !asan&paths=testing/web-platform/tests/media-source/dedicated-worker/mediasource-worker-handle-transfer.html
614bd150613eb56693a912459f1c6ca59d53530fMatt Wolenetz — Bug 1777745 [wpt PR 34681] - MSE-in-Workers: Add wpt for load failure of detached MediaSourceHandle, a=testonly
722089597104de38f6abc1db747ffa0bbe62eec9Matt Wolenetz — MSE-in-Workers: Increase wpt coverage of MediaSourceHandle transfer
dfedcc4c1375cd23ad56a8d1f4c2c2626a839e77criss — Merge mozilla-central to autoland on a CLOSED TREE
9ae1bb0f40eb603a61ca2e3581848ebce6582325Bernard Igiri — Bug 1777466 - Added image display for selected colorway to FX View r=dao
3bdb7367a3c9fb0d38cf33a7a762e347b798b436scott — Bug 1776202 - Pocket newtab recent saves adding my list link to top right of section r=gvn
81a09589dba32fda0999bfe350e2bb89f05ffcabMike Conley — Bug 1777338 - Make sure zoom command updater takes a user-set default zoom level into account. r=NeilDeakin
d304a5b1d5b0df830c0ed6b92a2bb6ef7276b8c2Marco Castelluccio — Bug 1640762 - Reduce max-run-time for some tasks from 36000 to 10800. r=taskgraph-reviewers,jmaher DONTBUILD
eed559991e00fe684db25261d51838cecb6ff57aNiklas Baumgardner — Bug 1775043 - Hide subtitles setting panel when clicking on PiP window. r=pip-reviewers,mhowell