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Thu Dec 05 18:36:12 2019 +0000
2c96c55894f86b26bcdcb979f5f0246ec811df1eBryce Seager van Dyk — Try Chooser Enhanced (581 tasks selected)
d26aa1093efb3ca04d1da09093ea4a01b9d7981fBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587522 - Add test for EME app approval. r?alwu
c9284ab81e4d16c4d04bcd3d48abd68f3442efccBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587522 - Surface events from MediaKeySystemAccessManager to let the app wrapping gecko to approve or deny EME. r?alwu
1a8e037409c30f6598fb6b58c8a2669463146a92Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587522 - Add MediaKeySystemAccessPermissionRequest. r?alwu
a57d963ecaf1f338aaa5b4092b230b3ea9cb5c93Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587522 - Add media.eme.require-app-approval pref to control if EME needs app permission. r?alwu