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Wed Feb 17 08:59:00 2021 +0000
c347c8f867c5c7f864cbb100e7ce2ff7bc6dc1e9Kershaw Chang — Fuzzy query=xpcshell
c75614803bba9b1dd4a9fbb0732bf8c334c53456Kershaw Chang — Bug 1693146 - Report telemetry when a JAR channel is failed or en empty file is loaded, r=zbraniecki
be348534f8bc79ce08530d63726bebdd8bb47d1aKershaw Chang — Bug 1689987 - P5: Add probes to collect DNS lookup time when ODoH is used
e0e7482b7b032fff880a669ac76bff15d2dd2959Kershaw Chang — Bug 1689987 - P4: Add a telemetry probe to collect channel success rate when ODoH is used
b5cca9e393f233e5e89a58f630e51c5afd720291Kershaw Chang — Bug 1689987 - P3: Add some ODoH specific skip reasons
1a4836ba20f59e53fa42cbe9f1b7cf2fdf4c04f1Kershaw Chang — Bug 1689987 - P2: Add DNS_ODOH_LOOKUP_TIME and ODOH_SKIP_REASON_ODOH_FIRST probes
c3194d6db8ee6611ba99c8850b1ac8d3bc0f128bKershaw Chang — Bug 1689987 - P1: Don't mess up TRR telemetry when ODoH is used
1de8f5166929c5da98935ebb06efb552e9b9726aKershaw Chang — tmp
f81cced3af027c3069785814b38b1575ad940bb3Kershaw Chang — Bug 1690438 - Add telemetry for zero byte loads in nsJARChannel::Open
dec48ba11a1bb0ffdf7dfdad951e29841d955c57Kershaw Chang — Bug 1690481 - Make the fetch request fail when response is not available