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Tue Dec 10 05:40:13 2019 +0000
09b411cd75da8159aa6f4922d031fba538b5741aKarl Tomlinson — try: -b d -p linux64 -u crashtest,mochitests,web-platform-tests -t none
a69aa81239b5d08e7044b4183835ada4a8c45533Karl Tomlinson — vestigial roll
c46126080284ed41b950d7b143fe58d81c1ffb76Karl Tomlinson — bug 1602646 move assertion that mThread is set in ShutdownInternal() r?froydnj
16e195cb4d8a8f9805e192e5396b4248db29b61cDoug Thayer — Bug 1510226 - Remove vestigial references to cooperative scheduling r?froydnj
53eb40e3c0b80995e4f0fbaabdd1632861826cbeKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1599922 clear PRThread references before the PRThread is deleted r?froydnj