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#include <stdint.h>                     // for uint32_t, uint64_t
#include <sys/types.h>                  // for int32_t
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"         // for override
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"             // for RefPtr, already_AddRefed
#include "mozilla/gfx/Types.h"          // for SurfaceFormat
#include "mozilla/layers/CompositableClient.h"  // for CompositableClient
#include "mozilla/layers/CompositorTypes.h"  // for CompositableType, etc
#include "mozilla/layers/LayersSurfaces.h"  // for SurfaceDescriptor
#include "mozilla/layers/TextureClient.h"  // for TextureClient, etc
#include "mozilla/mozalloc.h"           // for operator delete
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"                   // for already_AddRefed
#include "nsRect.h"                     // for mozilla::gfx::IntRect

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class ClientLayer;
class CompositableForwarder;
class Image;
class ImageContainer;
class ShadowableLayer;
class ImageClientSingle;

 * Image clients are used by basic image layers on the content thread, they
 * always match with an ImageHost on the compositor thread. See
 * CompositableClient.h for information on connecting clients to hosts.
class ImageClient : public CompositableClient
   * Creates, configures, and returns a new image client. If necessary, a
   * message will be sent to the compositor to create a corresponding image
   * host.
  static already_AddRefed<ImageClient> CreateImageClient(CompositableType aImageHostType,
                                                     CompositableForwarder* aFwd,
                                                     TextureFlags aFlags);

  virtual ~ImageClient() {}

   * Update this ImageClient from aContainer in aLayer
   * returns false if this is the wrong kind of ImageClient for aContainer.
   * Note that returning true does not necessarily imply success
  virtual bool UpdateImage(ImageContainer* aContainer, uint32_t aContentFlags, wr::RenderRoot aRenderRoot) = 0;

  void SetLayer(ClientLayer* aLayer) { mLayer = aLayer; }
  ClientLayer* GetLayer() const { return mLayer; }

   * asynchronously remove all the textures used by the image client.
  virtual void FlushAllImages() {}

  virtual void RemoveTexture(TextureClient* aTexture, wr::RenderRoot aRenderRoot) override;

  virtual ImageClientSingle* AsImageClientSingle() { return nullptr; }

  static already_AddRefed<TextureClient> CreateTextureClientForImage(Image* aImage, KnowsCompositor* aForwarder);

  uint32_t GetLastUpdateGenerationCounter() { return mLastUpdateGenerationCounter; }

  virtual RefPtr<TextureClient> GetForwardedTexture() { return nullptr; }

  ImageClient(CompositableForwarder* aFwd, TextureFlags aFlags,
              CompositableType aType);

  ClientLayer* mLayer;
  CompositableType mType;
  uint32_t mLastUpdateGenerationCounter;

 * An image client which uses a single texture client.
class ImageClientSingle : public ImageClient
  ImageClientSingle(CompositableForwarder* aFwd,
                    TextureFlags aFlags,
                    CompositableType aType);

  virtual bool UpdateImage(ImageContainer* aContainer, uint32_t aContentFlag, wr::RenderRoot aRenderRoot) override;

  virtual void OnDetach() override;

  virtual bool AddTextureClient(TextureClient* aTexture) override;

  virtual TextureInfo GetTextureInfo() const override;

  virtual void FlushAllImages() override;

  ImageClientSingle* AsImageClientSingle() override { return this; }

  virtual RefPtr<TextureClient> GetForwardedTexture() override;

  bool IsEmpty() { return mBuffers.IsEmpty(); }

  struct Buffer {
    RefPtr<TextureClient> mTextureClient;
    int32_t mImageSerial;
  nsTArray<Buffer> mBuffers;

 * Image class to be used for async image uploads using the image bridge
 * protocol.
 * We store the ImageBridge id in the TextureClientIdentifier.
class ImageClientBridge : public ImageClient
  ImageClientBridge(CompositableForwarder* aFwd,
                    TextureFlags aFlags);

  virtual bool UpdateImage(ImageContainer* aContainer, uint32_t aContentFlags, wr::RenderRoot aRenderRoot) override;
  virtual bool Connect(ImageContainer* aImageContainer) override { return false; }

  virtual TextureInfo GetTextureInfo() const override
    return TextureInfo(mType);

  CompositableHandle mAsyncContainerHandle;

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla