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#include "nsWebNavigationInfo.h"
#include "nsIWebNavigation.h"
#include "nsServiceManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsIDocumentLoaderFactory.h"
#include "nsIPluginHost.h"
#include "nsIDocShell.h"
#include "nsContentUtils.h"
#include "imgLoader.h"
#include "nsPluginHost.h"

NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS(nsWebNavigationInfo, nsIWebNavigationInfo)

nsresult nsWebNavigationInfo::Init() {
  nsresult rv;
  mCategoryManager = do_GetService(NS_CATEGORYMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);

  return NS_OK;

nsWebNavigationInfo::IsTypeSupported(const nsACString& aType,
                                     nsIWebNavigation* aWebNav,
                                     uint32_t* aIsTypeSupported) {
  NS_PRECONDITION(aIsTypeSupported, "null out param?");

  // Note to self: aWebNav could be an nsWebBrowser or an nsDocShell here (or
  // an nsSHistory, but not much we can do with that).  So if we start using
  // it here, we need to be careful to get to the docshell correctly.

  // For now just report what the Gecko-Content-Viewers category has
  // to say for itself.
  *aIsTypeSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::UNSUPPORTED;

  // We want to claim that the type for PDF documents is unsupported,
  // so that the internal PDF viewer's stream converted will get used.
  if (aType.LowerCaseEqualsLiteral("application/pdf") &&
      nsContentUtils::IsPDFJSEnabled()) {
    return NS_OK;

  const nsCString& flatType = PromiseFlatCString(aType);
  nsresult rv = IsTypeSupportedInternal(flatType, aIsTypeSupported);

  if (*aIsTypeSupported) {
    return rv;

  // As of FF 52, we only support flash and test plugins, so if the mime types
  // don't match for that, exit before we start loading plugins.
  if (!nsPluginHost::CanUsePluginForMIMEType(aType)) {
    return NS_OK;

  // If this request is for a docShell that isn't going to allow plugins,
  // there's no need to try and find a plugin to handle it.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocShell> docShell(do_QueryInterface(aWebNav));
  bool allowed;
  if (docShell && NS_SUCCEEDED(docShell->GetAllowPlugins(&allowed)) &&
      !allowed) {
    return NS_OK;

  // Try reloading plugins in case they've changed.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPluginHost> pluginHost =
  if (pluginHost) {
    // false will ensure that currently running plugins will not
    // be shut down
    rv = pluginHost->ReloadPlugins();
    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)) {
      // OK, we reloaded plugins and there were new ones
      // (otherwise NS_ERROR_PLUGINS_PLUGINSNOTCHANGED would have
      // been returned).  Try checking whether we can handle the
      // content now.
      return IsTypeSupportedInternal(flatType, aIsTypeSupported);

  return NS_OK;

nsresult nsWebNavigationInfo::IsTypeSupportedInternal(const nsCString& aType,
                                                      uint32_t* aIsSupported) {
  NS_PRECONDITION(aIsSupported, "Null out param?");

  nsContentUtils::ContentViewerType vtype = nsContentUtils::TYPE_UNSUPPORTED;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocumentLoaderFactory> docLoaderFactory =
      nsContentUtils::FindInternalContentViewer(aType, &vtype);

  switch (vtype) {
    case nsContentUtils::TYPE_UNSUPPORTED:
      *aIsSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::UNSUPPORTED;

    case nsContentUtils::TYPE_PLUGIN:
      *aIsSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::PLUGIN;

    case nsContentUtils::TYPE_UNKNOWN:
      *aIsSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::OTHER;

    case nsContentUtils::TYPE_CONTENT:
      // XXXbz we only need this because images register for the same
      // contractid as documents, so we can't tell them apart based on
      // contractid.
      if (imgLoader::SupportImageWithMimeType(aType.get())) {
        *aIsSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::IMAGE;
      } else {
        *aIsSupported = nsIWebNavigationInfo::OTHER;

  return NS_OK;