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#ifndef jsscriptinlines_h___
#define jsscriptinlines_h___

#include "jsfun.h"
#include "jsopcode.h"
#include "jsregexp.h"
#include "jsscript.h"

inline JSFunction *
JSScript::getFunction(size_t index)
    JSObject *funobj = getObject(index);
    JS_ASSERT(funobj == (JSObject *) funobj->getPrivate());
    JSFunction *fun = (JSFunction *) funobj;
    return fun;

inline JSObject *
JSScript::getRegExp(size_t index)
    JSObjectArray *arr = regexps();
    JS_ASSERT((uint32) index < arr->length);
    JSObject *obj = arr->vector[index];
    JS_ASSERT(obj->getClass() == &js_RegExpClass);
    return obj;

inline bool
JSScript::isEmpty() const
    if (this == emptyScript())
        return true;

    if (length <= 3) {
        jsbytecode *pc = code;

        if (JSOp(*pc) == JSOP_TRACE)
        if (noScriptRval && JSOp(*pc) == JSOP_FALSE)
        if (JSOp(*pc) == JSOP_STOP)
            return true;
    return false;

#endif /* jsscriptinlines_h___ */