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Bug 1454380 [wpt PR 8508] - Update wpt metadata, a=testonly wpt-pr: 8508 wpt-type: metadata

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 3; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#include "nsICancelable.idl"

interface nsIURI;
interface nsIRequest;
interface nsIStreamListener;
interface nsIFile;
interface nsIMIMEInfo;
interface nsIWebProgressListener2;
interface nsIInterfaceRequestor;

 * The external helper app service is used for finding and launching
 * platform specific external applications for a given mime content type.
[scriptable, uuid(1E4F3AE1-B737-431F-A95D-31FA8DA70199)]
interface nsIExternalHelperAppService : nsISupports
   * Binds an external helper application to a stream listener. The caller
   * should pump data into the returned stream listener. When the OnStopRequest
   * is issued, the stream listener implementation will launch the helper app
   * with this data.
   * @param aMimeContentType The content type of the incoming data
   * @param aRequest The request corresponding to the incoming data
   * @param aContentContext Used in processing content document refresh
   *  headers after target content is downloaded. Note in e10s land
   *  this is likely a CPOW that points to a window in the child process.
   * @param aForceSave True to always save this content to disk, regardless of
   *  nsIMIMEInfo and other such influences.
   * @param aWindowContext Used in parenting helper app dialogs, usually
   *  points to the parent browser window. This parameter may be null,
   *  in which case dialogs will be parented to aContentContext.
   * @return A nsIStreamListener which the caller should pump the data into.
  nsIStreamListener doContent (in ACString aMimeContentType,
                               in nsIRequest aRequest,
                               in nsIInterfaceRequestor aContentContext,
                               in boolean aForceSave,
                               [optional] in nsIInterfaceRequestor aWindowContext); 

   * Returns true if data from a URL with this extension combination
   * is to be decoded from aEncodingType prior to saving or passing
   * off to helper apps, false otherwise.
  boolean applyDecodingForExtension(in AUTF8String aExtension,
                                    in ACString aEncodingType);


 * This is a private interface shared between external app handlers and the platform specific
 * external helper app service
[scriptable, uuid(6613e2e7-feab-4e3a-bb1f-b03200d544ec)]
interface nsPIExternalAppLauncher : nsISupports
   * mscott --> eventually I should move this into a new service so other
   * consumers can add temporary files they want deleted on exit.
   * @param aTemporaryFile A temporary file we should delete on exit.
  void deleteTemporaryFileOnExit(in nsIFile aTemporaryFile); 
   * Delete a temporary file created inside private browsing mode when
   * the private browsing mode has ended.
  void deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible(in nsIFile aTemporaryFile);

 * A helper app launcher is a small object created to handle the launching
 * of an external application.
 * Note that cancelling the load via the nsICancelable interface will release
 * the reference to the launcher dialog.
[scriptable, uuid(acf2a516-7d7f-4771-8b22-6c4a559c088e)]
interface nsIHelperAppLauncher : nsICancelable
   * The mime info object associated with the content type this helper app
   * launcher is currently attempting to load
  readonly attribute nsIMIMEInfo MIMEInfo;

   * The source uri
  readonly attribute nsIURI source;

   * The suggested name for this file
  readonly attribute AString suggestedFileName;

   * Saves the final destination of the file. Does not actually perform the
   * save.
   * NOTE: This will release the reference to the
   * nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog.
  void saveToDisk(in nsIFile aNewFileLocation, in boolean aRememberThisPreference);

   * Remembers that aApplication should be used to launch this content. Does
   * not actually launch the application.
   * NOTE: This will release the reference to the nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog.
   * @param aApplication nsIFile corresponding to the location of the application to use.
   * @param aRememberThisPreference TRUE if we should remember this choice.
  void launchWithApplication(in nsIFile aApplication, in boolean aRememberThisPreference);

   * Callback invoked by nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog::promptForSaveToFileAsync
   * after the user has chosen a file through the File Picker (or dismissed it).
   * @param aFile The file that was chosen by the user (or null if dialog was dismissed).
  void saveDestinationAvailable(in nsIFile aFile);

   * The following methods are used by the progress dialog to get or set
   * information on the current helper app launcher download.
   * This reference will be released when the download is finished (after the
   * listener receives the STATE_STOP notification).
  void setWebProgressListener(in nsIWebProgressListener2 aWebProgressListener);

   * The file we are saving to
  readonly attribute nsIFile targetFile;

   * The executable-ness of the target file
  readonly attribute boolean targetFileIsExecutable;

   * Time when the download started
  readonly attribute PRTime timeDownloadStarted;

   * The download content length, or -1 if the length is not available.
  readonly attribute int64_t contentLength;