Adding Close before Remove (possible Windows problem) draft
authorISHIKAWA, Chiaki <>
Sat, 12 Feb 2022 10:52:19 +0900
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Adding Close before Remove (possible Windows problem)
--- a/mailnews/local/src/nsPop3Sink.cpp
+++ b/mailnews/local/src/nsPop3Sink.cpp
@@ -267,17 +267,17 @@ nsresult nsPop3Sink::EndMailDelivery(nsI
   // Shouldn't we release it after filter plugins are run below?
   MOZ_LOG(POP3LOGMODULE, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug,
           (POP3LOG("Calling ReleaseFolderLock from EndMailDelivery")));
   nsresult rv = ReleaseFolderLock();
   NS_ASSERTION(NS_SUCCEEDED(rv), "folder lock not released successfully");
   bool filtersRun;
-                              &filtersRun);  // ??? do we need msgWindow?
+                              &filtersRun);  // XXX ??? do we need msgWindow?
   int32_t numNewMessagesInFolder;
   // if filters have marked msgs read or deleted, the num new messages count
   // will go negative by the number of messages marked read or deleted,
   // so if we add that number to the number of msgs downloaded, that will give
   // us the number of actual new messages.
   m_folder->GetNumNewMessages(false, &numNewMessagesInFolder);
   m_numNewMessages -= (m_numNewMessagesInFolder - numNewMessagesInFolder);