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Fri Nov 27 01:30:43 2020 +0000
723fcea4519c8097cc7a4e9ce4c94b7b653be2e4Ping Chen — try: -b o -p all -u all
f030255f85456f7fb434edc82da9d338ea011dbaPing Chen — Bug 1615994 - Collect read statistics of secure email. r=mkmelin
508b9ca35fac86bb69aed35998ed4dce81b39634John Bieling — Bug 1644032 - Ignore accountId from message headers when converting folders for WebExt APIs. r=darktrojan
f56bb2d0ec9843355ee36403352406533c8ce886Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 3c8996f7d3ae (bug 1641519) for breaking tests.