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Wed Jul 01 04:26:34 2020 +0000
5b0c8a7b2471596903ce63d538caede0f9ac4045ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — try: -b do -p linux64,macosx64,win64,win32 -u all -t none
63b52af4d35e745e58f4d7067ac2c40b53366908ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Thunderbird TryBuilder win32 patch
9d1858b545bdf345df600f25e5e3e26926e74163ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — verbose dump of MUL Box elements.
cdbab14b904cda22db64a2732be3fd579aed6975ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1307085-a - C-C TB: Tigher checking of InitWithFile and friends. A few checks thrown in other files as well.
ae79e4ab8b2948ee65d92396c4b214e8a36199afISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-7: add short read handling to files not covered by preceding patches.
d9ffe5e92613921c6dc29569ecc38a2b988525bcISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-6: add short read handling to files under mailnews/mime/src
76ef617f9a95af7c20ef219079664765e59cbb87ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-5: add short read handling to files under mailnews/local/src
4115c68473dc1abec18bd6b7aaee6f82461724c6ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-4: add short read handling to files under mailnews/imap/src
e1f54de832723e309c57d0cea6f96e080932ddb4ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-3: add short read handling to some files under mailnews/compose directory.
3a2bb124bf0fcdda81b838d9a3f42b3b2ff78b8bISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-2: add short read handling to files under mailnews/base
2c1e7b72aae7a7642e6f9712c45354c24e98d599ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-2: add short read handling to files under mailnews/base
296548ba114a92bef2ef71839c73f44586d031e9ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-1: add short read handling under mailnews/import directory
b23da2b314cc358d7a521758c273b8681fca38c4ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1170606 part-0: C-C T-B fixes to take care of short read: add short read helper function and fixing one instance
62d837a32ef9bc639ace2c3c3872ceb468497d49ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Check the return value of GetAvailable as in other usage and correct format issue.
8084c62d8230df2e3e3005a3033394358c1ab5dcISHIKAWA, Chiaki — initialize oldValue patch.
bdc1c5aec5abb91ad96d49668daea57f7da8abdcISHIKAWA, Chiaki — local debug - print message line when bad format is encountered.
122f4621aeac73cc0d03a9b1ca48a881d46ef99eISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1285434 - frees mailboxName before return
029eeb53ee94e363648229c284e5656bb481cf6eISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Trace enter/leave of message copy functions
f1dad56a6d77f6a1f0e33fb58f3c40ade4bf5887ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Adding Close before Remove (possible Windows problem)
1f7209d9559224f38f87319dc42cf02d1d22180bISHIKAWA, Chiaki — TRACE-STREAM-MACRO patch
f7fa449117897e948307e5157b75fc47b8150c25ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — longer time out for xpcshell tests to run under valgrind.
93b52683783ec1b5901c7be5efc763a8b419a940ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — 1595343 print mUrl in DeleteAttachment.
afaa7a0476c13314ad692f8a42928975ce80967cISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Verbose test_logger failure case.
3e2b5764122ed9361eac6c20472ab4b4eed49e5aISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1242046 - Removing unnecessary |Seek| that caused the C-C TB to operate slowly in terms of I/O
2d6597d8d275a435f0a48a37bec142da290871a7ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1242042: Enabling buffering for file stream to write message for C-C TB (Enabling buffering first step.)
d087d777343c5e899d2faba6a1280681cb51a54bISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug 1242030: DONT-USE-REUSABLE new part-5 new splitting of (consolidation of 1122698, 1134527, 1134529, 1174500)
cf6e409aeb89856b3e2eca8cee4fcf4365602af7ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug 1242030: DONT-USE-REUSABLE new part-4 new splitting of (consolidation of 1122698, 1134527, 1134529, 1174500)
0b5eada2f267217290f5b3e1ea8b75bfe4d77d24ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug 1242030: DONT-USE-REUSABLE Improve error handling in file/stream I/O. Part 3 (was 2). r=jorgk. revision 2
1abda5dc81a1c43b789969275f6cbe9e7b34c2fdISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug 1242030: DONT-USE-REUSABLE Improve error handling in file/stream I/O. Part 2. r=jorgk.
bbb3184a71ffc001e30c32651c9262c4fbf89503ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug 1242030: DONT-USE-REUSABLE new part-1 new splitting of (consolidation of 1122698, 1134527, 1134529, 1174500)
0011ad80b596f001bfb2416a3599d466ac0093afISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1243121 (b) patch for printf format related issues in ldap source tree.
d34faf292eb4016919a8a7e8ba51e1cb04e19a67ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1243121 - C-C ldap directory: fix -Werror=sign-compare: signed vs unsigned warnings (now treated as error)
a17b44c73ef01c074fc924439583e860d5fed56aISHIKAWA, Chiaki — 1277602 - pass correct number of arguments to format strings
56a539b92deb397ab87f5bc6f29c8012832e0980ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Adding proper emacs modeline that fits the existing indentation to MsgComposeCommands.js
9e004a912f21291e1138e360183acc24b63f84eeISHIKAWA, Chiaki — CopyToNative return value check (one indirect)
83d93722a962455027c40cf6e639c8741fec194cISHIKAWA, Chiaki — In the end, I have to give the hint to the compiler that
5665c4c026cafea1564e974fecec44010c475daeISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1158471 - ASSERTION: selection count is wrong. imap unread message count dump when mismatch occurs.
273230db3d9bfbc3cde076e46eb457bf5b285de6ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1596036: Check GetOfflineFileStream() return value always first. r+=benc
9122321a2b0508b8c65bec54593e46e4a14bee91ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1605244: Fix ReadChar to not call read when there is no input is available.
466d43352113929a02776b25ef319125d4f795d3ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1611567 create 0-length |statusArray| (empty array) to start with and pass 0to OnHdrPropertyChanged() to avoid uninitialized access to |status|
03f27e4cecff47d21fa582e772dfaf74e3431ce8ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1611708 statusOffset is uninitialized in one execution path.
a6e24104dd3437d7461201d873d290ddfda8bfe3ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — check container is defined
2a87aa7feb5eb4ec46751ce37e3745162c061940ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — bug NNNNNN - check if contentChatNode is undefined/null