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Mon Aug 19 12:35:12 2019 +0000
9c92a3750cbb69b1862bb2c8d8a6d639ecb2a1ffSamuel Thibault — try: -b o -p linux64,win64,macosx64-shippable -u marionette macos_dummy_account
361b9420beecd7d26738f4e7b057968c4ae2c080Samuel Thibault — Bug 1569118 - Fix marionette startup on MacOS r=rjl macos_dummy_account
77106426ad461e2fe0563f4f23e2da75b4475466Samuel Thibault — Bug 1573546 - Marionette: Set up a dummy account to unlock various actions r=rjl dummy_account