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Bug 599586 - Add Serbian as a supported locale for Lightning

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

#include "calIRecurrenceItem.idl"

interface calIItemBase;
interface calIDateTime;

// an interface implementing a RRULE

[scriptable, uuid(e965a91a-49fa-41b5-b668-1a824a73bdbf)]
interface calIRecurrenceRule : calIRecurrenceItem
  // rule-based recurrence

  // null/"", "SECONDLY", "MINUTELY", "HOURLY", "DAILY", "WEEKLY",
  attribute AUTF8String type;

  // repeat every N of type
  // XXX Please mind an implementation detail:
  // the underlying libical currently only supports C short values for interval,
  // i.e. commonly 16 bits on most platforms, thus please use only 0 <= interval <= 0x7fff.
  // It is open whether we go with IDL short here or tweak libical to support at least 32 bits.
  attribute long interval;

  // These two are mutually exclusive; whichever is set
  // invalidates the other.  It's only valid to read the one
  // that was set; the other will throw NS_ERROR_FAILURE.  Use
  // isByCount to figure out whether count or untilDate is valid.
  // Setting count to -1 or untilDate to null indicates infinite
  // recurrence.
  attribute long count;
  attribute calIDateTime untilDate;

  // if this isn't infinite recurrence, this flag indicates whether
  // it was set by count or not
  readonly attribute boolean isByCount;

  // the components defining the recurrence
  void getComponent (in AUTF8String aComponentType,
                     out unsigned long aCount, [array,size_is(aCount),retval] out short aValues);
  void setComponent (in AUTF8String aComponentType,
                     in unsigned long aCount, [array,size_is(aCount)] in short aValues);