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Bug 599586 - Add Serbian as a supported locale for Lightning

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#include "nsIVariant.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(B96C2997-7AAA-4619-AD48-B7EBD9236C93)]
interface calIOperation : nsISupports
     * Id for easy management of pending requests.
    readonly attribute AUTF8String id;

     * Determines whether the request is pending, i.e. has not been completed.
    readonly attribute boolean isPending;

     * Status of the request, e.g. NS_OK while pending or after successful
     * completion, or NS_ERROR_FAILED when failed.
    readonly attribute nsIVariant status;

     * Cancels a pending request and changes status.
     * @param aStatus operation status to be set;
     *                defaults to calIErrors.OPERATION_CANCELLED if null
    void cancel(in nsIVariant aStatus);

[scriptable, uuid(1FA39726-63D2-440c-A464-296D2822B9DA)]
interface calIGenericOperationListener : nsISupports
     * Generic callback receiving result.
     * Results may appear in multiple calls, i.e. callees have to collect
     * until isPending is false.
     * @param aOperation operation object
     * @param aResult    result or null in case of an error
    void onResult(in calIOperation aOperation, in nsIVariant aResult);