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#include "calICalendar.idl"

interface calIGenericOperationListener;
interface calIOperation;

 * Interface for synchronously working providers on storing items,
 * e.g. storage, memory. All modifying commands return after the
 * modification has been performed.
 * @note
 *   This interface is used in conjunction with changelog-based synchronization
 *   and additionally offers storing meta-data for items for this purpose.
 *   The meta data is stored as long as the corresponding items persist in
 *   the calendar and automatically cleanup up once the item is deleted from
 *   the calendar, but is not altered when an item is modified (modifyItem).
 *   Meta data can be fetched/stored per (master) item, i.e. if you need to
 *   store meta data for individual overridden items, you need to store it
 *   along with the master item's meta data.
 *   Finally, keep in mind that the meta data is "calendar local" and not
 *   automatically transferred when storing the item on another calISyncWriteCalendar.
[scriptable, uuid(651e137b-2f3a-4595-af89-da51b6a37f85)]
interface calISyncWriteCalendar : calICalendar {
     * Adds or replaces meta data of an item.
     * @param id    an item id
     * @param value an arbitrary string
    void setMetaData(in AUTF8String id,
                     in AUTF8String value);

     * Deletes meta data of an item.
     * @param id    an item id
    void deleteMetaData(in AUTF8String id);

     * Gets meta data of an item or null if there's none or the item id is invalid.
     * @param id    an item id
    AUTF8String getMetaData(in AUTF8String id);

     * Gets all meta data. The returned arrays are of the same length.
    void getAllMetaData(out PRUint32 count,
                        [array, size_is(count)] out wstring ids,
                        [array, size_is(count)] out wstring values);

 * Calendar implementing this interface have improved means of replaying their
 * changelog data. This could for example mean, that the provider can retrieve
 * changes between now and the last sync.
 * Not implementing this interface is perfectly valid for calendars, that need
 * to do a full sync each time anyway (i.e ics)
[scriptable, uuid(0bf4c6a2-b4c7-4cae-993a-4408d8bded3e)]
interface calIChangeLog : nsISupports {
     * Resets the changelog. This is used if the cache should be refreshed.
    void resetLog();

     * Instructs the calendar to replay remote changes into the given
     * calendar. The calendar itself is responsible for storing anything needed
     * to keep track of what items need updating.
     * TODO: We might reconsider to replay on calICalendar,
     *       but this complicates implementing this interface
     *       enormously for providers.
     * @param aDestination      The calendar to sync changes into
     * @param aListener         The listener to notify when the operation completes.
    calIOperation replayChangesOn(in calISyncWriteCalendar aDestination,
                                  in calIGenericOperationListener aListener);