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Bug 599586 - Add Serbian as a supported locale for Lightning

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface calIItemBase;
interface calICalendar;
interface calIDuration;
interface calITimezone;
interface calIAlarm;
interface calIOperation;

interface calIAlarmServiceObserver : nsISupports
   * Gets called when an alarm has fired. Depending on type of alarm, an
   * observer could bring up a dialog or play a sound.
  void onAlarm(in calIItemBase item, in calIAlarm alarm);

   * Called if alarm(s) of a specific item are to be removed from
   * the alarm window.
   * @param aItem corresponding item, maybe master item of recurring
   *              series (then all alarms belonging to this item are to
   *              be removed)
  void onRemoveAlarmsByItem(in calIItemBase item);

   * Called if all alarms of a specific calendar are to be removed.
  void onRemoveAlarmsByCalendar(in calICalendar calendar);

interface calIAlarmService : nsISupports
   * This is the timezone that all-day events will be converted to in order to
   * determine when their alarms should fire.
  attribute calITimezone timezone;

   * Cause the alarm service to start up, create a list of upcoming
   * alarms in all registered calendars, add observers to watch for
   * calendar registration and unregistration, and setup a timer to
   * maintain that list and fire alarms.
   * @note Will throw NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED if you have not previously set
   *       the timezone attribute.
  void startup();

  /* add and remove observers that will be notified when an
     alarm has gone off.  It is up to the application to display
     the alarm.
  void addObserver(in calIAlarmServiceObserver observer);
  void removeObserver(in calIAlarmServiceObserver observer);

   * Call to reschedule an alarm to be notified at a later point. The alarm will
   * instead fire at "now + duration" This will cause an event to be scheduled
   * even if it was not previously scheduled.
   * @param item            The item the alarm belongs to.
   * @param alarm           The alarm to snooze.
   * @param duration        The duration in minutes to snooze for.
   * @return                The operation that modifies the item to snooze the
   *                        alarm.
  calIOperation snoozeAlarm(in calIItemBase item, in calIAlarm alarm, in calIDuration duration);

   * Dismisses the given alarm for the passed occurrence.
   * @param item            The item the alarm belongs to.
   * @param alarm           The alarm to dismiss.
   * @return                The operation that modifies the item to dismiss the
   *                        alarm.
  calIOperation dismissAlarm(in calIItemBase item, in calIAlarm alarm);