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bug 465521 - needs a way to update the default repo for m-c, add move_to_stable functionality to switch comm-central pulls to mozilla-1.9.1 branch, r=Standard8,davida,KaiRo

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIImapFlagAndUidState.idl"

interface nsIMAPNamespace;

[scriptable, uuid(94AE833C-3E53-481A-B588-89B28096F5D0)]
interface nsIMailboxSpec : nsISupports
  attribute long folder_UIDVALIDITY;
   * The highest modification sequence number the parser has seen 
   * for this mailbox. See IMAP RFC 4551
  attribute unsigned long long highestModSeq;
  attribute long numMessages;
  attribute long numUnseenMessages;
  attribute long numRecentMessages;
  attribute unsigned long	box_flags;
  attribute unsigned long supportedUserFlags;
  attribute ACString allocatedPathName;
  attribute AString unicharPathName;
  attribute char hierarchySeparator;
  attribute ACString hostName;

  attribute nsIImapFlagAndUidState flagState;

  attribute boolean folderSelected;
  attribute boolean discoveredFromLsub;

  attribute boolean onlineVerified;

  [noscript] attribute nsIMAPNamespace  namespaceForFolder;