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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"
#include "nsIImapUrl.idl"

interface nsIMsgMailNewsUrl;

[scriptable, uuid(271e0cb1-003b-4714-8fca-16a549a7c224)]

interface nsIImapMessageSink : nsISupports {
  // set up messge download output stream
  void setupMsgWriteStream(in nsIFile aFile, in boolean aAppendDummyEnvelope);

  void parseAdoptedMsgLine(in string aAdoptedMsgLine, in nsMsgKey aUidOfMsg);
  void normalEndMsgWriteStream(in nsMsgKey aUidOfMessage, in boolean aMarkMsgRead, in nsIImapUrl aImapUrl);
  void abortMsgWriteStream();

  attribute boolean notifyDownloadedLines;  // imap protocol doesn't notify message sink of downloaded
                                  // lines when it has a channelListener. This forces it to,
                                  // even if there is a channel listener.

  void beginMessageUpload();

   *  Notify the message sink that one or more flags have changed
   *  For Condstore servers, also update the highestMod Sequence
   *  @param   aFlags         - The new flags for the message
   *  @param   aMessageKey    - The UID of the message that changed
   *  @param   aHighestModSeq - The highest mod seq the parser has seen
   *                            for this folder
  void notifyMessageFlags(in unsigned long aFlags, in nsMsgKey aMessageKey,
                          in unsigned long long aHighestModSeq);

  void notifyMessageDeleted(in string aOnlineFolderName,in boolean aDeleteAllMsgs,in string aMsgIdString);

  void getMessageSizeFromDB(in string aId, out unsigned long aSize);

  void setContentModified(in nsIImapUrl aImapUrl, in nsImapContentModifiedType aModified);
  void setImageCacheSessionForUrl(in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aMailUrl);
  unsigned long getCurMoveCopyMessageInfo(in nsIImapUrl aRunningUrl, 
                                          out PRTime aDate, out string aKeywords);