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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIUrlListener;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIImapUrl;
interface nsIEventTarget;
interface nsIImapProtocol;
interface nsIMsgFolder;
interface nsIMsgWindow;

typedef long nsMsgImapDeleteModel;

[scriptable, uuid(bbfc33de-fe89-11d3-a564-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface nsMsgImapDeleteModels
  const long IMAPDelete = 0;    /* delete with a big red x */
  const long MoveToTrash = 1;   /* delete moves message to the trash */
  const long DeleteNoTrash = 2; /* delete is shift delete - don't create or use trash */

[scriptable, uuid(fb6595b7-3e51-4a28-b4a6-30a2ac1c9aef)]
interface nsIImapIncomingServer : nsISupports {

  attribute long maximumConnectionsNumber;
  attribute long timeOutLimits;
  attribute ACString adminUrl;
  attribute ACString serverDirectory;
  attribute long capabilityPref;
  attribute boolean cleanupInboxOnExit;
  attribute nsMsgImapDeleteModel deleteModel;
  attribute boolean dualUseFolders;
  attribute long emptyTrashThreshhold;
  attribute ACString personalNamespace;
  attribute ACString publicNamespace;
  attribute ACString otherUsersNamespace;
  attribute boolean offlineDownload;
  attribute boolean overrideNamespaces;
  attribute boolean usingSubscription;
  attribute ACString manageMailAccountUrl;
  attribute boolean fetchByChunks;
  attribute boolean mimePartsOnDemand;
  attribute boolean isAOLServer;       
  attribute boolean aOLMailboxView;
  attribute boolean storeReadMailInPFC;
  attribute boolean storeSentMailInPFC;
  attribute boolean useIdle;

   * See IMAP RFC 4551
  attribute boolean useCondStore;

  attribute AString trashFolderName;

  boolean getIsPFC(in ACString folderName);
  nsIMsgFolder getPFC(in boolean createIfMissing);
  attribute boolean downloadBodiesOnGetNewMail;
  attribute boolean autoSyncOfflineStores;
  void GetImapConnectionAndLoadUrl(in nsIEventTarget aClientEventTarget,
                                           in nsIImapUrl aImapUrl,
                                           in nsISupports aConsumer);

  void RemoveConnection(in nsIImapProtocol aImapConnection);
  void ResetNamespaceReferences();
  void pseudoInterruptMsgLoad(in nsIMsgFolder aImapFolder, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, out boolean interrupted);
  void ResetConnection(in ACString folderName);
  void CloseConnectionForFolder(in nsIMsgFolder aMsgFolder);
  void reDiscoverAllFolders();
  nsIURI subscribeToFolder(in AString name, in boolean subscribe);
  nsIMsgFolder GetReadMailPFC(in boolean createIfMissing);
  nsIMsgFolder GetSentMailPFC(in boolean createIfMissing);
  void GetNewMessagesForNonInboxFolders(in nsIMsgFolder aRootFolder,
                                        in nsIMsgWindow aWindow,
                                        in boolean forceAllFolders,
                                        in boolean performingBiff);
  attribute boolean doingLsub;

  ACString getUriWithNamespacePrefixIfNecessary(in long namespaceType, in ACString originalUri);
  attribute boolean shuttingDown;