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Bug 909952 Remove unnecessary l10n *_REV arguments, as these are not necessary and break the build. Also add an additional possible location for hgtool to work with releng systems better. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8

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#ifndef nsImapSearchResults_h___
#define nsImapSearchResults_h___

#include "nsVoidArray.h"

class nsImapSearchResultSequence : public nsVoidArray
    virtual ~nsImapSearchResultSequence();
    static nsImapSearchResultSequence *CreateSearchResultSequence();
    virtual void AddSearchResultLine(const char *searchLine);
    virtual void ResetSequence();
    void  Clear();
    friend class nsImapSearchResultIterator;

class nsImapSearchResultIterator {
    nsImapSearchResultIterator(nsImapSearchResultSequence &sequence);
    virtual ~nsImapSearchResultIterator();
    void  ResetIterator();
    int32_t GetNextMessageNumber();   // returns 0 at end of list
    nsImapSearchResultSequence &fSequence;
    int32_t fSequenceIndex;
    char  *fCurrentLine;
    char  *fPositionInCurrentLine;