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Bug 954193 - part 3 - mass rename purpleI XPCOM interfaces to prplI (except the purpleIProxy* interfaces), r=clokep.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsISimpleEnumerator.idl"

interface imIAccount;
interface imIAccountBuddy;
interface imIBuddy;
interface imIContact;
interface prplIConversation;

[scriptable, uuid(164ff6c3-ca64-4880-b8f3-67eb1817955f)]
interface ibILog: nsISupports {
  readonly attribute AUTF8String path;
  readonly attribute PRTime time;

[scriptable, uuid(ab38c01c-2245-4279-9437-1d6bcc69d556)]
interface ibILogger: nsISupports {
  nsISimpleEnumerator getLogsForAccountBuddy(in imIAccountBuddy aAccountBuddy);
  nsISimpleEnumerator getLogsForBuddy(in imIBuddy aBuddy);
  nsISimpleEnumerator getLogsForContact(in imIContact aContact);
  nsISimpleEnumerator getLogsForConversation(in prplIConversation aConversation);
  nsISimpleEnumerator getSystemLogsForAccount(in imIAccount aAccount);