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Part of bug 575740. Fix some js components in mail/ to work with the new component manager. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIAbCard;
interface nsIAbDirectory;
interface nsIArray;

/// Define a class using this interface to listen to updates from nsIAbView.
[scriptable, uuid(79ad5d6e-1dd2-11b2-addd-f547dab50d75)]
interface nsIAbViewListener : nsISupports
  /// Called when the selection is changed in the tree
  void onSelectionChanged();

  /// Called when the total count of cards is changed.
  void onCountChanged(in long total);

 * This interface and its associated nsAbView object provides an interface
 * to allow a tree to be associated with an address book, and the results
 * to be displayed in that tree.
 * If you wish for the tree to display the results of a different address
 * book, then call setView again. There is no need to delete and recreate the
 * nsAbView object. If you wish to clear the view, then just call clearView.
[scriptable, uuid(c7c454bd-1901-4a4b-aac7-a3f9918b3616)]
interface nsIAbView : nsISupports
   * Sets up the nsIAbView to look at the specified directory. This may be
   * called multiple times.
   * @param aDirectory      The directory to search, this may be a directory
   *                        with a query string.
   * @param aViewListener   An optional listener.
   * @param aSortColumn     The column to sort by. See the xul element with
   *                        id abResultsTreeCols for possible values.
   * @param aSortDirection  The sort direction to use ("ascending"/"descending")
   * @return                The actual sortColumn (various switching of apps
   *                        could cause the persisted sortColumn to be bogus).
  AString setView(in nsIAbDirectory aAddressBook,
                  in nsIAbViewListener aAbViewListener,
                  in AString aSortColumn,
                  in AString aSortDirection);

   * Clears the view and releases any locally held copies of the address book
   * directory. This should be called when the view is no longer required, e.g.
   * on unload.
  void clearView();

   * Sorts the tree by the specified parameters.
   * sortBy does not optimize for the case when sortColumn and sortDirection
   * is identical since the last call, the caller is responsible optimizing
   * for that case.
   * @param aSortColumn     The column to sort by. See the xul element with
   *                        id abResultsTreeCols for possible values.
   * @param aSortDirection  The sort direction to use ("ascending"/"descending")
  void sortBy(in wstring aSortColumn, in wstring aSortDirection);

  /// Returns the current sort column
  readonly attribute AString sortColumn;

  /// Returns the current sort direction
  readonly attribute AString sortDirection;

   * Returns the current directory that this view is hooked up to. May be
   * null if no directory has been set.
  readonly attribute nsIAbDirectory directory;

   * Returns the card associated with the given row.
   * @param aRow  The row from which to return the card.
   * @return      A card associated with the row, or null if row is not valid.
  nsIAbCard getCardFromRow(in long aRow);

  /// Selects all rows in the view.
  void selectAll();

  /// Deletes all the selected cards (no prompts are given).
  void deleteSelectedCards();

   * Swaps the first and last name order, and updates the appropriate
   * preference.
  void swapFirstNameLastName();

   *  Returns an array of the currently selected addresses.
  readonly attribute nsIArray selectedAddresses;