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Part of bug 575740. Fix some js components in mail/ to work with the new component manager. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIMutableArray;
interface nsILocalFile;
interface nsIAddrDatabase;
interface nsIAbLDAPAttributeMap;
interface nsILDAPURL;

#define kLDAPDirectoryRoot         "moz-abldapdirectory://"
#define kLDAPDirectoryRootLen      22

 * XXX This should really inherit from nsIAbDirectory, and some day it will.
 * But for now, doing that complicates implementation.
[scriptable, uuid(90dde295-e354-4d58-Add8-f9b29a95942d)]
interface nsIAbLDAPDirectory : nsISupports
   * If set, these arrays of nsILDAPControls are passed through to the
   * nsILDAPOperation that searchExt is called on.
  attribute nsIMutableArray searchServerControls;
  attribute nsIMutableArray searchClientControls;

   * The Replication File Name to use.
  attribute ACString replicationFileName;

   * The version of LDAP protocol in use.
  attribute unsigned long protocolVersion;

   * The SASL mechanism to use to authenticate to the LDAP server
   * If this is an empty string, then a simple bind will be performed
   * A non-zero string is assumed to be the name of the SASL mechanism.
   * Currently the only supported mechanism is GSSAPI
  attribute ACString saslMechanism;
   * The AuthDN to use to access the server.
  attribute AUTF8String authDn;

   * The maximum number of matches that the server will return per a search.
  attribute long maxHits;

   * The Last Change Number used for replication.
  attribute long lastChangeNumber;

   * The LDAP server's scoping of the lastChangeNumber.
  attribute ACString dataVersion;

   * The attribute map that is associated with this directory's server.
  readonly attribute nsIAbLDAPAttributeMap attributeMap;

   * The LDAP URL for this directory. Note that this differs from
   * nsIAbDirectory::URI. This attribute will give you a true ldap
   * url, e.g. ldap://localhost:389/ whereas the uri will give you the
   * directories rdf uri, e.g. moz-abldapdirectory://<pref base name>/.
  attribute nsILDAPURL lDAPURL;

   * The replication (offline) file that this database uses.
  readonly attribute nsILocalFile replicationFile;

   * A database that is set up for the replication file.
  readonly attribute nsIAddrDatabase replicationDatabase;

   * The LDAP attributes used to build the Relative Distinguished Name
   * of new cards, in the form of a comma separated list.
   * The default is to use the common name (cn) attribute.
  attribute ACString rdnAttributes;

   * The LDAP objectClass values added to cards when they are created/added,
   * in the form of a comma separated list.
   * The default is to use the following classes:
   * top,person,organizationalPerson,inetOrgPerson,mozillaAbPersonAlpha
  attribute ACString objectClasses;