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Part of bug 575740. Fix some js components in mail/ to work with the new component manager. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsIAutoCompleteResult.idl"

interface nsIAbCard;

 * This interface is used to extend the nsIAutoCompleteResult interface to
 * provide extra facilities for obtaining more details of the results of
 * an address book search.
[scriptable, uuid(04cf19a9-6dd1-48c6-b3f8-38a1425660ba)]
interface nsIAbAutoCompleteResult : nsIAutoCompleteResult {
   * Get the card from the result at the given index
  nsIAbCard getCardAt(in long index);

   * Gets the email to use for the card within the result at the given index.
   * This is the email that was matched against for the card where there are
   * multiple email addresses on a card.
   * @param index  Index of the autocomplete result to return the value for.
   * @result       The email address to use from the card.
  AString getEmailToUse(in long index);