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comm-central bustage fix from bug 97954 (autoconf build environment for SpiderMonkey), r=Standard8

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<overlay id="helpMessengerOverlay"

  <script type="application/x-javascript"
  <script type="application/x-javascript">

  <dialog id="editDirectories"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-ldap-properties');"/>

  <dialog id="addDirectory"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-ldap-properties');"/>

  <dialog id="accountManager"
          ondialoghelp="return doHelpButton();"/>

  <dialog id="FilterEditor"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-filters');"/>

  <dialog id="junkMailInfo"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-junk');"/>

  <dialog id="select-offline"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-offline-items');"/>

  <dialog id="subscribeWindow"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('mail-subscribe');"/>

  <dialog id="mailViewListDialog"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('message-views-using');"/>

  <dialog id="mailViewSetupDialog"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('message-views-create-new');"/>

  <dialog id="msgCompSecurityInfo"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('compose_security');"/>

  <dialog id="msgReadSecurityInfo"
          ondialoghelp="return openHelp('received_security');"/>