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Thu Sep 06 14:36:05 2012 +0000
bdedfbb2568f143eb1aef8aca7524007e9ee12f4Felix Klock II — Bug 780155: skip more mmgc-internal allocation frames (r=mcgachey).
90ecd685dbfd6a2cee6a08f3dc48184bcc7552e2Felix Klock II — Bug 653255: more documentation for JSONClass.cpp (r=fklockii).
73cd547535966365fb984cf4ea5eb0d4c0ddd789Felix Klock II — Bug 769005: add -g to link options in debug mode (r=mcgachey).
e0e2fbe3381cfb1bf5f20f08b583191e2f5acad7Felix Klock II — Bug 786727: synchronize on m_spinlock in SystemOOMEvent (r=printezi).
029e4b60bcf39e4edd199ad471b37c1350e2c827Dan Schaffer — bug 785879: in add support for asc2 ash entry point (r=trbaker)
799e18c0d918ea253e23d0227fc28d50ea5aebf6Stan Switzer — Summary: Enable stack traces in Release builds. (Integrate from Main CL 1104599, also the fixup from 1105309)
1bda92ad2f0a3d6e8835ad6296e5f5895c2a6588Dan Schaffer — bug 785396: fix AOT reporting problems, avoid asc compile errors being reported twice for AOT (r=dschaffe)
d8af20a76a67e25a20e25012ae4618aa199ff3d0Dan Schaffer — bug 785396: fix AOT reporting problems, "foun.found appears in xml result and compile errors appear in wrong testcase name (r=trbaker pending)"