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Wed Apr 27 17:21:13 2011 +0000
cce105e9d521af51abc66f1828a03f9b297e2438Steven Johnson — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
aff93e79b49c9794ebcfacca814817d13f7eb3f1Bill McCloskey — Fix off-by-one error in Containers.cpp:BitSet::grow(). r=nnethercote.
c94f8a962836e5c7b5f1245e0c7965ef6ee92373Nicholas Nethercote — Remove debugging printf left behind by patch for bug 643969 that was causing test failures.
8995d522bbe5f69e9bf688b3839d45d4f935944aLandry Breuil — Bug 633857 - missing #include for OpenBSD (nanojit part). r=dvander
2337c19085fb92d40c08c2fbdc42a05c34ff8883Steven Johnson — Bug 643969 - LIR_jf can generate jump-to-location-zero code on i386 and x64 (r=rreitmai)
0c16b8944742b1ded97069b62df0afa13b61949fWilliam Maddox — Bug 644900 - Generate probes for stack expansion when allocating large frames on Windows (r=edwsmith)
7eb817653fb59bede1696d1629cf29386bf94976Nicholas Nethercote — Remove some |r != deprecated_UnknownReg| assertions because they're (bogusly) causing GCC to think that deprecated_UnknownReg might be used as an array index, and thus triggering array bounds warnings, which are now treated as errors in bug 609532, and so burning some builds. These assertions are due for removal anyway if bug 538924's blockers are ever fixed, they're from a deprecated internal API. rs=jwalden.
5b8d188e84a26673b41a382adc02d44c2283ac62Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 623362 - nanojit: avoid harmless race on nHints[]. r=jseward.