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Wed Jan 30 19:01:31 2013 +0000
5571cf86fc681fddf092fc369ff693a32f261d6cDan Schaffer — no bug: assorted bug fixes concurrency, telemetry (p=jasowill,p=dtomack,p=gcomnino) default tip
2b38aa82c803a98982168597e79ee428e3862338Dan Schaffer — no bug: concurrency changes, fixes for win8 support (p=jasowill,p=brbaker,p=kakher)
1366af27b87ec3b55c467b5d2d969f9db5434b73Dan Schaffer — Bug bz716548: fix the comment formatting for the license header when generating the avmfeatures.cpp/h files (p=brbaker)
ae7348551cffe7b3d3b89a3a16698882ac333562Dan Schaffer — no bug: concurrency fixes, other minor bug fixes (p=jasowill,p=dtomack,p=brbaker,p=veresov)
8d37a994952c2cbd7f8721696e83865a934ab6b7Dan Schaffer — no bug: implementation of concurrency for windows 8 (p=dtomack,r=jasowill)
a099bc675915c8812d47de5f98e5e5adfac473d3Dan Schaffer — Integrate FR Main Flash port on Chrome/pepper
c7b1844ed46dd8b8e6474590dec174bb7029b8f3Brent Baker — bug 762063: make sure that every device is setup with the correct avmshell
167a6c1b492ec6d7647e27b5949e1720e095c9aeBrent Baker — bug 762063: Fix winrs Proxy scripts so that the socket server is actually handling multiple requests at once
a0c3dd2231e9f99c68c26f99bd1ad12772e1bf39Brent Baker — Bug 716548: fix the comment formatting for the license header when generating the avmfeatures.cpp/h files
7828d521c9a01f762cacbe78b21fc16c9e8cccb4Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: Concurrency bug fix (p=dtomack)
f9f60574f375481c3ed33815da08a1083b8aa22fDan Schaffer — no bug: fix debug compilation failure (p=brbaker)
d45c5d35e6c7d6b063d8a59aab3047547631c3b4Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: Concurrency bug fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
be44a24acfa5c64f33e923bc74e3e78a23eb90f5Brent Baker — Bug 800381: follow up tweaks to failconfig for asc1
19ecae71ae5a57974cfcb0e8bce8dd6d6367bc58Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: Concurrency bug fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
bf1fa4452689f16b686139f3e91608c6c163d0d8Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency fixes to work with monocle (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
24549a74fde986db85bbf6479c204a0041615782Dan Schaffer — Bug 802924: fix issue when sending telemetry metric for certain exceptions (p=gcomninos,r=throdrig,r=rulohani)
d9197807ec4102e1bfeebee7c8971385577e7a38Tom Rodriguez — Bug 792597: implement exception handling
a3f97c1a2bf82ce32df15503c6f55eaf9f8d2834Tom Rodriguez — Bug 792597: implement exception handling (r=wmaddox)
d391629fbd64ad72c0899b7eba38c6f1ea9b6f9aDan Schaffer — Bug 804301: add support for swf=19 (p=turo,r=turo,r=smarkets)
165e49235c6b367faaf593dbad754a61f385dc45Brent Baker — Fix for AOT shell acceptance compilation that requires imported abc files to be in a specific order.
c22a2f1de742840a26bcd946267c308f5d8a7a7dAlexander MacDonald — Summary: Fix a performance problem with some Alchemy generated SWFs
40afc58cab030f342bd054541720efcb9463a2faDan Schaffer — Bug 800381: add support in acceptance testsuite for multiple versions of asc (r=brbaker,r=cpeyer)
e7e08ab8fc7650e6cb4d83d326bc51bf15e8716aDan Schaffer — Bug 757375: Concurrency updates, bug fixes (r=jasowill,p=dtomatck)
Tue Oct 09 18:31:05 2012 +0000
f5191c18b0e4f3138931857a6c6fb666f8bb2824Dan Schaffer — Bug 798493: Incorrect updating of ByteArray when passed between worker threads (p=michsmi,r=jasowill)
c37e24c57796261722e5dc10124bf682ed11e503Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: Concurrency updates, alchemy bug fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack,r=speterse)
d650133e28c2a106b5476889ffeb40119dee83b6Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency bug fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
Fri Oct 05 17:33:23 2012 +0000
beba7ea689fec50cd476a4a25434d3fe6c95207eDan Schaffer — Bug 798360: Remove localization files for runtime errors for most languages (p=jonguyen,r=jmott)
b30f9228398aa8265657e67ea9c513d2387880b6Dan Schaffer — Bug 3320696: copy .abc_ files to .abc so asc2 and asc3 compiles acceptance tests (r=brbaker,r=cpeyer)
22eb6ca016af12c342fbcf283b6de23cf29ce550Brent Baker — Bug 757375: Selftest regeneration for workers integration CL@1111530
9cdb18e9a83325ee36ea0fb7970c01c14f419d38Brent Baker — No bug: Add the ability to specify an ASH (Actionscript compiler SHell) jar for compilation. (r=trbaker via review 888080)
58be71b37b16e0c96567453930a51fdc08bc2d11Brent Baker — Bug 791804: Update the AOT compilation to use the new Assert and Util classes instead of
b42acf5bc26a2b2530d33985992481ff2d4ce498Dan Schaffer — Bug 795392: ssh script cleanup script should delete acceptance-tests.* from previous build (r=brbaker)
a101c88364b8012463872f73334cb0d4dc2cecfeDan Schaffer — Bug 791804: acceptance test suite preparation for switching to asc2 compiler (p=erat,p=prsriniv,p=islam,p=bsahlas,r=dschaffe)
bdd049d22ee63b624ccb478cb8c54167cf43543eDan Schaffer — no bug: whitespace fix, MPL2 update accidentally added an empty line causing a windows warning (r=dschaffe)
92308b4ab38931aad16c6899c86886e680943e42Dan Schaffer — bug 792860: add support in the acceptance tests for panda boards running linaro android (r=brbaker)
Fri Sep 21 15:36:33 2012 +0000
3fc566f3a8b38589fc4b82117259bd10a9d5337fDan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency documentation updates (p=proberts)
cbbd13ae92cc51cfe1213e828b1d5889b187c298Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency bug fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
eb149b6a31e6cf70b6685f26700027b5c98dde14Dan Schaffer — No bug: adjust test config for arm aot skip (p=trbaker)
06379be1981dcfc9d66ea97b9c6200d9b6d36757Tom Rodriguez — Bug 790084: incremental updates to .a causes missing debug info (r=wmaddox)
9429ae120cc8dcbbee37f7703a884447ade7eb25Dan Schaffer — Bug 716548: minor fix, empty line before (set -o igncr) causes failure on windows (r=dschaffe)
Wed Sep 12 20:41:41 2012 +0000
8b008164b364c8f19c5d63aac690b881f539a4aaDan Schaffer — Bug 716548: Update license in tamarin source code to MPL2 (r=irichter)
52f3cb61d70f0712c7a4db8e3d96b1668baaed13Dan Schaffer — Bug 716548: Update license in tamarin source code to MPL2 (r=irichter)
17ddfaf8aee53ecea1599d81afe44bd2fb8ab0a6Dan Schaffer — Bug 716548: Update license in tamarin source code to MPL2 (r=irichter)
9b6b37063cbe863fcb49a0368cc59f964d70bc3fDan Schaffer — Bug 716548: Update license in tamarin source code to MPL2 (r=irichter)
fbb3f18ff0efea0b66c906358c7d7ec7dbd020b2Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: fix workers tests. The worker state changes from running to terminated asynchronously now. added retry logic. (r=dschaffe)
195ebbb6d542e82a8e6f41f44c43bcd820037d4bDan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency refactoring for shared bytearray, mutex, condition (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
ce6e9c01569bb4fab30ab9ec4fac4c78b2cc8c45Dan Schaffer — bug 780266: add swf=18 to avmshell and (r=brbaker)
Thu Sep 06 14:36:05 2012 +0000
bdedfbb2568f143eb1aef8aca7524007e9ee12f4Felix Klock II — Bug 780155: skip more mmgc-internal allocation frames (r=mcgachey).
90ecd685dbfd6a2cee6a08f3dc48184bcc7552e2Felix Klock II — Bug 653255: more documentation for JSONClass.cpp (r=fklockii).
73cd547535966365fb984cf4ea5eb0d4c0ddd789Felix Klock II — Bug 769005: add -g to link options in debug mode (r=mcgachey).
e0e2fbe3381cfb1bf5f20f08b583191e2f5acad7Felix Klock II — Bug 786727: synchronize on m_spinlock in SystemOOMEvent (r=printezi).
029e4b60bcf39e4edd199ad471b37c1350e2c827Dan Schaffer — bug 785879: in add support for asc2 ash entry point (r=trbaker)
799e18c0d918ea253e23d0227fc28d50ea5aebf6Stan Switzer — Summary: Enable stack traces in Release builds. (Integrate from Main CL 1104599, also the fixup from 1105309)
1bda92ad2f0a3d6e8835ad6296e5f5895c2a6588Dan Schaffer — bug 785396: fix AOT reporting problems, avoid asc compile errors being reported twice for AOT (r=dschaffe)
d8af20a76a67e25a20e25012ae4618aa199ff3d0Dan Schaffer — bug 785396: fix AOT reporting problems, "foun.found appears in xml result and compile errors appear in wrong testcase name (r=trbaker pending)"
Mon Aug 20 13:10:53 2012 +0000
0f1a8318e89530201354f90c0b5691b859e99da4Dan Schaffer — Bug 780264: The emitj function in needs to be updated (p=enorton,r=dschaffe)
c0e57db1ba075668aef10a3be3171c65f8dbc6ceDan Schaffer — Bug 780266: Add new SWF versions for SWF18 and AIR_3_5 (p=enorton,r=dschaffe)
c819efba769f1fbb196630fb1529a20f4d134d9cDan Schaffer — Bug 783558: fix for Coverity warning (p=tramaswa,r=aquiroz,r=jasowill)
9190d6ad28a1611be018bace892214fd7b8f7380Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency changes, shared ByteArray, Mutex, and Conditions are disabled temporarily for Dolores (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
cbe55af57d881b2b024ab95de3093141063dd1c2Dan Schaffer — Bug 779625: Send telemetry metric when exceptions are thrown. (p=gcomnino,r=fklockii,r=rulohani)
3906079735e4fb6a2f99ca5c22739cf6eabc8393Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency changes, more fixes related to state transitions (p=dtomack,r=jasowill)
5f318c60be19a67cc2b49b1eef99971208c6a4b0Dan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency changes, update asdocs (p=proberts,r=proberts)
c4affe1c9c2c15e0311623f80e77d0213e75d66fDan Schaffer — Bug 757375: concurrency changes, isolate state change assert fix (p=dtomack,r=jasowill)
Thu Aug 09 13:25:42 2012 +0000
7267380d93542a39fa6ef5daaea0a8c9a8997ec7Dan Schaffer — bug 757375: workers and shareable ByteArray bug fixes (p=dtomack,r=jasowill)
5b15da1e8285c6c7e2a69926a778d2a92efaf884Tom Rodriguez — 750694: halfmoon does not compile on windows (p=wmaddox, r=fklockii, r=throdrig)
Fri Aug 03 15:34:49 2012 +0000
558c686b0ccbcd434f0a4f2cebdd218b65629421Dan Schaffer — bug 780127: windows64 ByteArrayWorkersLzma fails on -Ojit, mark skip (r=dschaffe)
20e1b78f1d005b721ab2739fa814d1c5bdc9d7ebDan Schaffer — bug 779210: Set sampler thunk method frame dxns to current method dxn (p=gcomnino,r=fklockii,r=phohense)
c8432b486b2d3f5d30c947adc329087f3633ec4aDan Schaffer — bug 755345: update testconfig to skip WorkersByteArrayLzma testcase on arm platforms (not supported currently) (r=dschaffe)
38d673ef94d4085b32033390f247ba7534a50fe6Brent Baker — Bug 779944 - Jenkins compile script can fail to validate shell features (r=dschaffe)
f0a40cb503020850d2f52e43b13f1fa7d63bdb3eDan Schaffer — bug 774294: ByteArray uncompress is causing leak failure in debug shells, mark test skip (r=dschaffe)
cb72b01ee01629726c6b6dfc38aefc67552b5442Dan Schaffer — bug 695061: workers Isolate fix, update EnterSafepointManager code (p=dtomack,r=jasowill)
b4e4ed919a2d71223d1f2d545c5ce70db532ff24Dan Schaffer — bug 778727: disable failing testcases due to bug when ByteArray uncompresses invalid error (r=dschaffe)
7c1dc225585efffb07c324ddb5e8a25e8a9c5b10Dan Schaffer — bug 695061: integrate concurrency changes shareable ByteArray and alchemy fixes (p=jasowill,r=dtomack)
Wed Aug 01 02:00:44 2012 +0000
5e07a25d4308d08f228359683f2b6150322244d5Felix Klock II — Bug 779388: fix --help by making names in specialargs match properly (p=stan, r=fklockii, push=fklockii).