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Bug 629241 - Clean up Object creation infrastructure (createInstance removal) (r=lhansen)

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#ifndef __avmplus_SamplerScript__
#define __avmplus_SamplerScript__

namespace avmplus
    struct Sample;

    class TraceClass : public ClassClosure
        TraceClass(VTable* cvtable);

        int getLevel(int target);
        Atom setLevel(int lvl, int target);
        Atom setListener(FunctionObject* f);
        FunctionObject* getListener();


    class SamplerScript
        static bool trusted(ScriptObject* self) { return self->toplevel()->sampler_trusted(self); }
        explicit SamplerScript(); // unimplemented, not constructable

        enum { GET = 1, SET = 2 };

        static double getSize(ScriptObject* self, Atom o);
        static Atom getMemberNames(ScriptObject* self, Atom o, bool instanceNames);
        static Atom getSamples(ScriptObject* self);
        static void clearSamples(ScriptObject* self);
        static void startSampling(ScriptObject* self);
        static void stopSampling(ScriptObject* self);
        static void pauseSampling(ScriptObject* self);
        static void sampleInternalAllocs(ScriptObject* self, bool b);
        static double getSampleCount(ScriptObject* self);
        static void _setSamplerCallback(ScriptObject* self, ScriptObject* callback);
        static double _getInvocationCount(ScriptObject* self, Atom a, QNameObject* qname, uint32_t type);
        static bool isGetterSetter(ScriptObject* self, Atom a, QNameObject* name);

        static ArrayObject* getLexicalScopes(ScriptObject* self, FunctionObject *function);
        static Atom getSavedThis(ScriptObject* self, FunctionObject *method);

        static Stringp getMasterString(ScriptObject* self, Stringp str);

        static ClassClosure* getType(Toplevel* toplevel, SamplerObjectType sot, const void *obj);

        friend class SampleIterator;
        static ScriptObject* makeSample(ScriptObject* self, const Sample& sample);
        static bool set_stack(ScriptObject* self, const Sample& sample, SampleObject* sam);
        static SampleObject* new_sam(ScriptObject* self, const Sample& sample, int clsid);

    class SampleClass : public ClassClosure
        SampleClass(VTable *vtable);


    class SampleObject : public ScriptObject
        friend class SamplerScript;
        SampleObject(VTable *vtable, ScriptObject *delegate);


    class NewObjectSampleObject : public SampleObject
        friend class SamplerScript;
        NewObjectSampleObject(VTable *vtable, ScriptObject *delegate);
        Atom get_object();
        double get_size();
        void setRef(AvmPlusScriptableObject* o) { obj = o; }
        void setSize(uint64_t s) { size = s; }
        DRCWB(AvmPlusScriptableObject*) obj;
        uint64_t size;


    class NewObjectSampleClass : public SampleClass
        NewObjectSampleClass(VTable *vtable);


    class DeleteObjectSampleObject : public SampleObject
        friend class SamplerScript;
        DeleteObjectSampleObject(VTable *vtable, ScriptObject *delegate);


    class DeleteObjectSampleClass : public SampleClass
        DeleteObjectSampleClass(VTable *vtable);


    class StackFrameObject : public ScriptObject
        friend class SamplerScript;
        StackFrameObject(VTable *vtable, ScriptObject *delegate) : ScriptObject(vtable, delegate) {}


    class StackFrameClass : public ClassClosure
        StackFrameClass(VTable *vtable) : ClassClosure(vtable) { createVanillaPrototype(); }

#endif // __avmplus_SamplerScript__