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Sun Jun 05 13:11:54 2011 +0000
e4da046972684de715792a5bc2ed59085a33e965Tyler Downer — Bug 660746 - Fix another typo. r=gavin
4f9bbea16f75fc8f01851c069b3828d438790a39Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650691 - random-if the SVG object--auto reftests that are random-if(Android)
57bedceef8984fa6be3263227994add82b6d6e3cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 631844 - Should remove event listener for "load" event., r=dao
414add41a5f08a64cba315e11e1d2db226b1e149Phil Ringnalda — Bug 660714 - Remove Pinstripe's unused Secure-background.gif, r=dao
92851e263191a118c4a3c0b5267e3f75338cb282Phil Ringnalda — Bug 660710 - Stop jarring up a copy of mozicon128.png that aboutHome no longer uses, r=dao
f61efd0d321ccbbb15131f8f8d639af68ab606f1Kai Liu — bug 661869 - include Segoe UI in list of fonts rendered in GDI Classic mode. r=jfkthame
c5341e7b5179140bf4bbac37b7d9cbff69706e13Ms2ger — Bug 660539 - Remove nsIDOM3TypeInfo, schemaTypeInfo; r=sicking
b9f7b9d2f09e45be25fb69f61047ac59b60390cfMs2ger — Bug 635194 - Don't resolve body.background; r=bz
6f3a40e6c09800ee9f6086a81b47b7d8b18f1891Ms2ger — Bug 660669 - Remove nsHTMLDocument::OpenCommon; r=bz
f96c523a2178bd50b8527c8c4164eb59e3fe604eMs2ger — Bug 660663 - Make element.dir reflect like other reflecting enumerated attributes; r=bz
3205d1df9d35393031ebcab84e5cffc5a976767bMs2ger — Bug 660635 - Remove Notation; r=sicking
6ee7ab2989ba6869210fcfbe4c86998c22e137d9Robert Strong — Fix Mac universal xulrunner packaging for omnijar and appp update precomplete generation for Bug 653971 - Mac XULRunner packaging broken by bug 386760. r=nthomas, r=khuey
02d683d66b970732a56c767c7be204d211e2b3adJustin Dolske — bug 660585 -- add more debugging info to figure out why test_prompt.html makes philor so sad.
0cd7128926db5539d7105f340a442522dbef8ff7Justin Dolske — Replace some tabs with spaces.
574b55afc991879beef9eb9f59774f239acc56a6Benoit Girard — Bug 641227 - Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::GetImage [@ mozilla::layers::MacIOSurfaceImageOGL::SetData ]
214ec6862ec5bc9ef467b64998e13924be049acdNeil Deakin — Bug 319929, initialize accessibility.accesskeycausesactivation preference properly, r=smaug
9c21ad3d7f72d57bf9472976787a483b76dcc4baNeil Deakin — Bug 554919, support panels which can dragged via their backgrounds, r=dao,smaug
e33afb655182e44bfa29fb46f981e93b093373d3Neil Deakin — Bug 577377, add a means to get the screen rectangle of a popup, r=neil
50103c9579b0c4270f6e46339bd93cc3f155ac1bNeil Deakin — Bug 637234, don't use readonly field for timepicker as they are initialized in this constructor, r=neil
e864474d74041f9d27b56c46a9bda4c5b8790cc1Chris Jones — Bug 598869: Test that using actors on non-main threads works
419406a98d100373071c0cc49a6d54aa2d68efb5Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 6: Test IPDL |opens|
d0f5d960ac9c03ec9018bc0f67faf6bbff26ec97Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 5: Generate C++ goop for creating |opens| channels. r=bent
267d4a65c25f7960139f7f976fd0d1cb8a7b4b5aChris Jones — Bug 613442, part 4: Library support of |opens| API. r=bent
71df5c4a5b01ab5f2b946d0efee486e2aba83a11Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 3: Add AsyncChannel::Echo() to allow sending a message back to the originating endpoint. r=bent
2d9aaa28ddfa45bdecec3f148159e093409ca222Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 2: Frontend tests
50002ea47d7626c56b5a4333913065a15dc95b43Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 1: Frontend support for IPDL |opens|. r=bent
f821b1e1347801ebd544e68077ee6ea15a204b94Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part r: Test IPDL |bridge|
3bc8c3c8b75304e2f9c40b9e3ca29115ae63a88bChris Jones — Bug 564086, part q: Generate C++ goop for creating |bridge| channels. r=bent
d11b3f7ed46aa0ca0ba48afde08ab2e8a14a7c21Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part p: Library support of |bridge| API. r=bent
6588b377a600705e7bfffa8a1412646c47eeebe4Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part o: Use the existing IPC::Channel typedef in AsyncChannel. r=bent
804819e48cec3f1102883f0b6f5ec901c8e0458fChris Jones — Bug 564086, part n: Build new Transport code. r=bsmedberg
39217d4a17fbb820afaf1f9912499addb97b45a9Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part m: Windows impl of Transport API. r=bent
bfca3d0525da29cfb18fccb828f7ceccff283c7cChris Jones — Bug 564086, part l: POSIX impl of Transport API. r=bsmedberg
55159c6e44cb285217fb55a73617d6883a31cb73Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part k: API for creating new IPC "Transport" not tied to a ProcessHost. sr=bsmedberg
fed06cc42545f058b09c993ac7f48af23c2737b4Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part j: Add IPC::Channel support for getting OS-level pipe info and creating from existing pipe descriptors. r=bent
76bdbaa76db4cbee82c7f86620cc42569406a304Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part i: Add an (IPDL-private) interface for getting the underlying AsyncChannel from a top-level actor. r=bsmedberg
373bd1df397914fa375113355c1dfe7e52075647Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part h: One protocol can bridge multiple endpoints (oops!); add convenience process-graph querying functions. r=bent
c79e66766e15e4f44e5a169a68894bee75d00c6dChris Jones — Bug 564086, part g: Allow opening an AsyncChannel with an explicit parent/child "side" so that Transport::Connect can be called for parent-side channels that need it. r=bent
99517bc69c734a2cdee53a6023ea8b767080697cChris Jones — Bug 564086, part f: Compile IPDL specs in two passes so that the full process graph is available at codegen time. r=bsmedberg
89e1092dd8f5539ba5dcdad70768df6662f742baChris Jones — Bug 564086, part e: Allow IPDL/C++ tests to spawn subprocesses that speak protocols that are not unit tests in and of themselves. r=ted
cf1d7d3267747decb5fc0f8f5badfaf7eadc9d79Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part d: Emit common code for PFoo into PFoo.h and PFoo.cpp. r=bsmedberg
92f023b812b570e1e0d75c319f4c6380dd555999Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part c.1: Allow non-XPCOM processes (which don't use omnijar) to spawn other non-XPCOM subprocesses. r=glandium
72b8d4bd224a72a850352d05787bf4907c641d17Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part c: Remove dependency on XPCOM in subprocesses-spawning code. r=bsmedberg
bb9d620459b33bdfa7071219427b2cdf3c5482faChris Jones — Bug 564086, part b: Suppress some spurious static-ctor/dtor warnings in IPDL tests. r=bsmedberg
c445c7ba9a4ec40f727dc73976a36dcd1060ecc8Mark Finkle — Bug 661866 - Save sessionstore thumbnails in a separate file-based cache [r=vingtetun]
bcccd02b52945a80b4cc95cb17af75251cee71e4Tim Taubert — iQ.animate: only animate properties that are changing; f=raymond, r=sdwilsh
d77e733fc507a042785e53a06b4c8fc9cfee5d1fRaymond Lee — Bug 656488 - Command-H to hide app doesn't work when in Panorama r=ian