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Tue Oct 19 10:41:37 2010 +0000
c28c8d240f3dTarek Ziade — back to the normal port
494dd0e9550fTarek Ziade — now fuzzing with an authenticated user as well
e5595ca00996Tarek Ziade — Added a Fuzzing script to track down server issues
ac7d42397a02Tarek Ziade — instead of random delays, we will make it modulo
8749f67170a5Tarek Ziade — port forwarder with random delay
d0937a543b7bTarek Ziade — documented the conf file
4b24b0500b1cTarek Ziade — using the standard defined in
4cb2a9377290Tarek Ziade — now using a relative path to the conf file
7e1225d8f8f5Tarek Ziade — make sure the wsgi script does not break when there's no logging info
7c1c27361d6aTarek Ziade — removed the Beaker configuration in favor of a unified cache_servers variable
e3ade9a638bbTarek Ziade — added targets for node blacklisting testing
697f5643fb50Tarek Ziade — removed Redis targets
fc9cea6c4df4Tarek Ziade — Added configurations for testong memcached environments
034e9f4c80abTarek Ziade — forcing subrepos update in hudson
3d521bd4533eTarek Ziade — removed the substate file to avoid stalled versions
dfd70f1b821bTarek Ziade — now using the plugin names to simplify the conf files
8f3e2d2acc56Tarek Ziade — separated Sync configuration from Paster configuratin
0c584461838bTarek Ziade — added memcached to the test environment
0d825e37dfb7Tarek Ziade — splitted the conf into a global ini file and the usual paster file
14da06e7a00dTarek Ziade — fixed defaults
94b1c37732eeTarek Ziade — fixed typo
e66d1b157240Tarek Ziade — activated the quota test and making sure we get our 4 k
c8398c1fdecdTarek Ziade — displaying more info
672cf50559c7Tarek Ziade — no need to cd there...
c4752a227b43Tarek Ziade — removed recursive option for rm in some places -- cutnpaste flake
31f812e1820cTarek Ziade — removing python-ldap for the time being
e3bb6ff78d37Tarek Ziade — fixed the coverage options
520e584cdac4Tarek Ziade — now using a custom config for pylint
c7fde81a21d6Tarek Ziade — cleanup old results to avoid any merge
55e7e52305f6Tarek Ziade — added a lint target for hudson
44a6f7a1c145Tarek Ziade — restrict the coverage to the sync* packages
9676f0de2535Tarek Ziade — added a target to build coverage when testing
4bc25ca01744Tarek Ziade — added xunit output for hudson
d5c15a962de4Tarek Ziade — added mysql and ldap to extras
a1a31d477d02Tarek Ziade — hooked the old tests
0452ced7cbf9Tarek Ziade — added the loadtest here
ec024528142dTarek Ziade — added the old functional test suite here
adec81a4f517Tarek Ziade — added the qa target
9762900f4a32Tarek Ziade — added the redis target
e6f6ed60f1efTarek Ziade — now driving all tests from the main repo
98172a693578Tarek Ziade — using distribute in virtualenv to avoid zipimport caching issues
28c4319fb570Tarek Ziade — using the PYTHON var instead
e2fdf7850782Tarek Ziade — dropped the subrepos and added a script instead
bf1bc3e43469Tarek Ziade — made syncserver a script to avoid entry_points confusion (it excpects a pkg)
7dd310dededaTarek Ziade — testing a pull w/o .hgsubstate
74f27291a1f3Tarek Ziade — test: should I commit manually one subrepos update
c8ac7a330bc4Tarek Ziade — fixed the bootstrapping - we are back to a functional zero-config server
73efdf04a1fdTarek Ziade — test
fae825adbe75Tarek Ziade — using Sync* package to set-up a full server
269a020510c7Tarek Ziade — make sure the tests are running fine without the backend libs installed
5b6d1a8ea600Tarek Ziade — Fixing the typo in collection_usage
c83998a93149Tarek Ziade — make sure validate_password knows how to work with sha1 and sha256
4053c3c46e0cTarek Ziade — first version of the ldap backend
5f3e0929ef40Tarek Ziade — removed captcha config from the auth backend
11925c486be3Tarek Ziade — fixed pep8
ce7d53f20384Tarek Ziade — made some dependencies optional
eba6214801acTarek Ziade — extracted MAX_TTL
1925e3ef1b60Tarek Ziade — added the ability to turn off sync or user, so the server can be used as reg or sync or both
6785a8ada2b7Tarek Ziade — removed unused import
b0bc1ed2b4d8Tarek Ziade — The auth and storage backends errors are now turned into 503 at the controller level.
a34630c3085fTarek Ziade — pushing wbos by batches of 100
b10d15f859e7Tarek Ziade — switching back to a zero-config default
26f25624ad5bTarek Ziade — testing weird IP
85be44101714Tarek Ziade — more coverage
dd35d5e9d20cTarek Ziade — fixed the regexp for emails
2bd9da5a001eTarek Ziade — make sure the password reset form handles bad links
c68ebbe0c8d8Tarek Ziade — make sure item ids are properly escaped
82758254f49dTarek Ziade — more renamings
c0c452bc937cTarek Ziade — WeaveSQLStorage -> SQLStorage
304e2c0e93b8Tarek Ziade — fixed a test using the weaveserver namespace
fbbf32824569Tarek Ziade — moving everything to the root (the 1.1 dir is not needed, since the software version differs from the API version)
c5cbc44231b2Tarek Ziade — moving the old tests into the project standard tests dir
b91ca9a030a2Tarek Ziade — reset defaults
1a4bf75a8b1dTarek Ziade — make sure we compare sorted items
ef85436f263dTarek Ziade — renamed weaveserver to syncserver
d58f3d8eea6eTarek Ziade — added TTL support
ef02446f0001Tarek Ziade — removed unused table
5462d47117fbTarek Ziade — reset on recycle is now a parameter, and the sorts tests are using the API for all calls now
e2941d201338Tarek Ziade — make it a 404
3f27a6fc0da7Tarek Ziade — make sure validate is called first
91854f4a2d8fTarek Ziade — make sure the wbo table is innodb
c19f067508b9Tarek Ziade — make sure the wbo validation is applied
dcb9831d8c30Tarek Ziade — back to the regular query since Deletes don't have order_by
c41580ed8580Tarek Ziade — allowing more chars for items
d31bf8564033Tarek Ziade — make sure the tests know how to read PHP json counts
e7984607cb4cTarek Ziade — added timestamp in the redis cache
bf542295f972Tarek Ziade — removing the trailing slash
205f5daa8d00Tarek Ziade — cleanup
a400d690432dTarek Ziade — make sure s* apis calls are also called gracefully
c2761a525dbdTarek Ziade — using reset_on_return to avoid spurious ROLLBACKs on the MySQL backend
dd5f02a6d2d3Tarek Ziade — removed unused instance
5e40f5111930Tarek Ziade — increased the coverage
b294f320bd10Tarek Ziade — fixed various test failures under redis + make sure the cache is cleaned up when delete_user/delete_storage are called
7d96977de866Tarek Ziade — added an alltest target
12f0e9dc82e9Tarek Ziade — removed unecessary field
7c20c0775687Tarek Ziade — removed a fixed TODO
d8cf2af64371Tarek Ziade — Fixed failures (introduced by the new cached collections)
742d29ed81c2Tarek Ziade — Using sha-256 like the php app for the mysql auth backend
0698c9c4fd1eTarek Ziade — the initial status value is set to 0
3c6a18f516aaTarek Ziade — added a check on the status flag, so users with 1 are disabled
32b1d3258033Tarek Ziade — made the storage comaptible with postgres and optimized queries
25a5bcbb5297Tarek Ziade — ids are strings
82d009d2e0cdTarek Ziade — using a regexp for item
4ce772f4de2bTarek Ziade — make sure the test passes with all configurations
aaa176e7d015Tarek Ziade — use the same logger for sqlalchemy errors
2ae21228c4f1Tarek Ziade — make sure fields are properly converted
aa2f2ad5c4c7Tarek Ziade — pushed pool size/recycle in the config file
4c371bd8507eTarek Ziade — make sure we recycle dead connections -- this is mandatory with mysql, which closes idling connections
7bc74f557bb2Tarek Ziade — catch the console
b3b413120342Tarek Ziade — values are stored as string
adc66df8d97cTarek Ziade — added a doc target to the makefile
d2967c5c4d43Tarek Ziade — added a vhost example
dae5d7d368f8Tarek Ziade — added an error middleware to deal with TBs
56f16f6eadd3Tarek Ziade — load the logging configuration in mod_wsgi environment
6cfacd79a51aTarek Ziade — removed unused import
87f0eda10910Tarek Ziade — redisqltest is also phony
3f8373c72212Tarek Ziade — added a target to run test on redis, and fixed a bug in the process
89feab862684Tarek Ziade — make sure all tests can be run using mysql - added a target in the makefile for this
c1c8ca5afb7cTarek Ziade — now using a Makefile
6045beda0facTarek Ziade — checked with Toby -- we'll use KB here
f60008f70124Tarek Ziade — now the project is stdeb-compatible
db82a7e8882dTarek Ziade — added support for over-quota operations
c7b1bf5debd6Tarek Ziade — virtualenv is installed only if not present
0e48f32fb43bTarek Ziade — displaying results
724c7c5fbcb4Tarek Ziade — added a check-before-commit script
145618719c04Tarek Ziade — added flake8 to the dev environment
5330cf281e4bTarek Ziade — added support for info/collections_usage
d8b43a30b28eTarek Ziade — make sure we count the tabs payloads when calculating the size, if redis is activated (+minor style fixes)
057affa95cb2Tarek Ziade — added a flag to enable/disable quotas
676e50c7912cTarek Ziade — added support for user/info/quota
7631ef0d7d21Tarek Ziade — removed uneedeed fetchall calls
61a1efdeb91dTarek Ziade — round is 3 times faster
73235430ce97Tarek Ziade — be gentle with someone that wants to try the app - profiler/logger deactivated
3cd09e7c125fTarek Ziade — using the latest simplejson -- much more faster
22666d29b9c7Tarek Ziade — fixed the param reading
4f87eef33185Tarek Ziade — added a profiler
a217e5022744Tarek Ziade — added caching for the tabs collections
ae4f0f989ce6Tarek Ziade — added a design note
fce91dd0169eTarek Ziade — simplified the cef logging
70855880bac8Tarek Ziade — moved the configuration into app:main
ecafbfc6765fTarek Ziade — started to merg with Toby implementation
57fc69b5bc9bTarek Ziade — removed unused imports
31e8a9df5aabTarek Ziade — addded a wrapper to avoid crashes in case the Redis server goes down during operations
2dbcf35f5858Tarek Ziade — switched auth/sql to sqlexpression syntax
3408c67568b5Tarek Ziade — added the coverage dir in ignores
ca1d41adb26eTarek Ziade — fixed more warnings and introduced the # noqa tag
58c9c2071159Tarek Ziade — forgot to add the test module in the previous commit
71146c48be4fTarek Ziade — added CEF logging for authentication failures
c305c3e07e90Tarek Ziade — using the auth api instead
690909f4c23bTarek Ziade — now allowing the tests to run on sqlite or mysql
e526049a3732Tarek Ziade — flake/pep8 cleanup
db8dee07e76bTarek Ziade — moving controllers to their own dir
97b027e55504Tarek Ziade — added the /misc/1.0/captcha_html screen and activated reCaptcha
b72d5a0a9e10Tarek Ziade — accepting a v variable (sent once a day and on the first call by the FF client)
b453f4f2d2a4Tarek Ziade — using the expression syntax wherever possible
33dfe797a328Tarek Ziade — started to convert queries using a plain sqlalchemy expression syntax
4d80d77d131fTarek Ziade — the firefox client expects an integer here
26252dbb9fb8Tarek Ziade — do_password_reset is the one that gets the POSTs
8f690df6a8acTarek Ziade — testing when the key is wrong
962c199ce0f4Tarek Ziade — branch to remove user_id from the API no-user-id
5530f4aabb6dTarek Ziade — removed suprefluous tests. The status option is doing the assertion already
b4becf20f8b5Tarek Ziade — reformatted args
8ce05cfae44cIan Bicking — Automated merge with ssh://
d09a8032378fIan Bicking — clarify reset codes
91421ec9fee3Ian Bicking — doc typo
22cd33d30b75Tarek Ziade — fixed typo
3d1688f19533Tarek Ziade — get_name is part of the signature
531556ead235Tarek Ziade — added the DELETE implementation for the User API
7ea6f6ac3f8eTarek Ziade — simplified the plugin registration: no need to explicitely call register now. Just need to provide the fully qualified class name in the ini file, ala Mercurial plugins
e9b6056fc706Tarek Ziade — more structure in the doc
6b9e7566cbddTarek Ziade — using back-end everywhere
e250ba2e52d7Tarek Ziade — more doc structure
bf7409c6cf92Tarek Ziade — added more doc + doc structure
6b8f44a23c44Tarek Ziade — make sure a modified value is provided
0827a3a1b6ccTarek Ziade — make sure wbos with bad values are not added
f40a06b9e371Tarek Ziade — let webob deal with all errors
dd2d042f83ffTarek Ziade — fixed variable name in util.read_config
6f650c86d615Tarek Ziade — make sure we return always the same type
6aad9ebaff54Tarek Ziade — check that a bad code returns False
e7bb323e2f61Tarek Ziade — fixed redisql set_items
a9b5bd9d0a9bTarek Ziade — added a function to read the config, with bool conversion
eaf1cc94cb59Tarek Ziade — added a redis+sql backend. First usage is caching the meta/global wbo
9ee457982d5cTarek Ziade — added logging capabilities
ad40ecd73dc2Tarek Ziade — fx-sync requires a slash here
23daab578014Tarek Ziade — application/json is the default output
8e17ffc1e56dTarek Ziade — added a script to initialize the DB (using setup-app)
a55291bda20dTarek Ziade — now using mako for the mail too
a278d9cc2ae1Tarek Ziade — added the form for htlm password reset call -- no captcha support yet
4bc20b9e9bd5Tarek Ziade — added the password reset form support
cdaf4f0a7367Tarek Ziade — added a static controller, to serve files from a static dir
a0b814350487Tarek Ziade — implemented the email POST api
df3fb6dbcfbdTarek Ziade — added the user creation API
5b3737c4a68eTarek Ziade — now returns the official codes and just strip parameters instead of raising a 400, as discussed with Toby
7cd5aaefc276Tarek Ziade — fixed typos
fc6922103e64Tarek Ziade — using the response code
9eb5355ca261Tarek Ziade — implemented the password reset feature
e30c1feca377Tarek Ziade — added the reset code and the methods to control it
e33e4d1d70faTarek Ziade — added 404 response codes
5c4f53e778c2Tarek Ziade — renamed to
48f023d5b14dTarek Ziade — started install instructions
09505cac21efTarek Ziade — fixed the entry point
fdb7ed22a0e8Tarek Ziade — added a doc page about the storage
f5ac1e4c4e6cTarek Ziade — initial sphinx structure
c471f74035c6Tarek Ziade — documented the storage API doctstrings - next is Sphinx
120107ec673aTarek Ziade — removed the namespace layout
e895cb513fb3Tarek Ziade — display the name of the plugin in case of an error
41dc146a23cbTarek Ziade — added multi storage basic support. A multi storage is just a proxy in front of a master storage and slaves storages - slaves just get writes, synchronously for now
2fac2d89358aTarek Ziade — not used anymore -- moved to plugin.get_from_config
691c8d63ed38Tarek Ziade — fixed the defaults
b28d63e53d1dTarek Ziade — improved the plugin mechanism. now a plugin can be instanciated just by reading the config file
8f68a1f04078Tarek Ziade — using a salted-sha1 password like the php app, so this backend works with the same DB tables
88487a6d7d0dTarek Ziade — added a test runner with html coverage
13e54d5f2a08Tarek Ziade — improved test coverage -- caught a few bugs in the process
85ce3d0be1b1Tarek Ziade — now using sqlite for auth and storage in the tests
31e49087065bTarek Ziade — added an sql auth
71c8abfc10a5Tarek Ziade — fixing storage fill
cc291ac6ffd2Tarek Ziade — moving the wbo checker in the WBO class itself
b8eeaff9a63eTarek Ziade — doing batch inserts for mysql
543c86bc6e2aTarek Ziade — added a WBO class to simplify data deserialization
7fc85ee4b8fdTarek Ziade — added a WBO class to simplify data deserialization
875980e331eaTarek Ziade — the node/weave API shall return a plain string instead of a JSON one
05defb5a96d7Tarek Ziade — added a wsgi script to be able to run Sync from mod_wsgi
69c008049b21Tarek Ziade — cleanup
90a1a4c61c37Tarek Ziade — added the minimal set of user API for the server to work as a standalone one, and simplified parameters passing in the process
2beb685bad1eTarek Ziade — various fixes in tests and code -- provided by the existing functional tests
81e7d301b57eTarek Ziade — DummyAuth will keep the user ids in memory for the demo server
104dfc0837e9Tarek Ziade — added timers to avoid equal timestamps on fast machines like mine. The two digits resolution seem to low here
66c99e3fc88fTarek Ziade — added support for empty collection id PUTs -- so the app returns a 400 instead of a 404
5afe3df8987bTarek Ziade — few outputs and option fixes
9ec4d6c7f3c6Tarek Ziade — make sure the modified filters are converted into bigints
a9d0742dfbd4Tarek Ziade — fixed the timestamps values and make sure the mappers are able to generate a MySQL DB
051154dbe7d4Tarek Ziade — various fixes from existing functional tests
b0df16e03e2cTarek Ziade — implemented the X-If-Unmodified-Since header
aa3bbbf587dcTarek Ziade — deletion of an unexisting item returns a 200
9c17f4467976Tarek Ziade — checking a few fields and fixing some expected outputs
a561b7cc603cTarek Ziade — deleting an unexisting item does not generate a 404
de4a8d8ba416Tarek Ziade — various fixes from the existing functional tests
fd32bdac136dTarek Ziade — added support for index_below and index_above whne DELETEing
c7d6cc979603Tarek Ziade — fixed the tests to the new output types
45e91bce031cTarek Ziade — more cleanup
e3372f3e15c9Tarek Ziade — cleanup
57f9cc812312Tarek Ziade — various fixes (existing functional test suite)
eaca66075764Tarek Ziade — wbo ids are strings, and let SQLAlchemy create/manage connection objects in is internal pooling
435d40ca43fbTarek Ziade — fixed the param loading
18dcea758f31Tarek Ziade — added the X-Weave-Records header
0affea5f44cdTarek Ziade — changed X-Weave-Timestamp implementation. in fact this header is always present, and the timestamp is globally unique
65220b9864c6Tarek Ziade — implemented the X-Weave-Timestamp header
ffe7f3689e8bTarek Ziade — added support for full storage DELETE with X-Confirm-Delete header
0e6df38f9f9eTarek Ziade — added support for single DELETE
e00a55dbe9c1Tarek Ziade — implemented batch DELETEs
fb5fce7f6c9aTarek Ziade — style cleanup
25b6b19ca5a8Tarek Ziade — added support for POSTing a batch of wbos
b7424bb6d05fTarek Ziade — added support for PUTing a wbo
e969da7b02f4Tarek Ziade — added support for /user/collection/id
31a48775aecfTarek Ziade — added support for newlines and whoisi output formats
6712d3c2fbdfTarek Ziade — added the sort parameter
4d7a1fd3f859Tarek Ziade — added support for offset
aecc0163c73aTarek Ziade — added support for limit
1e400a14d4a4Tarek Ziade — now supports index_below and index_above
e39cbc50f878Tarek Ziade — now supports the full option
46051866b4baTarek Ziade — now supporting older and newer
a9ae205f4741Tarek Ziade — now filtering by parentid
c3e5023d6721Tarek Ziade — now filtering by predecessorid
3dcd6d4cceafTarek Ziade — now filtering by ids
5053c147b1feTarek Ziade — added the /username/storage/collection implementation
91141938c103Toby Elliott — removing all the non-python stuff
90dc6d1e8871Tarek Ziade — hooked the quota API and simplified the URL mapper
e6a2bf82834aTarek Ziade — merged with Toby
8d5d5ac3bfd8Tarek Ziade — reading standard collection names in a registery. A custom collection id will trigger an extra query.
aa8ae58ac5afToby Elliott — Added tag 1.3.1 for changeset cf4f2faa6986
cf4f2faa6986Toby Elliott — Bug 579147 part 2 - log table name, db name, username, and hostname on a db error 1.3.1
d011b1e5d4b2Tarek Ziade — using an inner join
541d6e19fbfeTarek Ziade — fixed pep8 warnings
8eaf8e937059Tarek Ziade — added the collections count API, and cleaned up the way storage gets instanciated (sqluri is now in .ini)
bc7572454020Tarek Ziade — not useful anymore
f43d9fcfa90bTarek Ziade — added .swp to ignores
670ad949b258Tarek Ziade — cleaned up imports
cfda6cfd9f82Tarek Ziade — using a simple function, with the content-type header set
cc22b1a04c29Tarek Ziade — authenticate *all* requests
4f1a361053caTarek Ziade — removed over-complex controllers
ab0a758396b5Tarek Ziade — config is no longer a global
5f05d8254b03Toby Elliott — another stupid branch merge
2f61154d7a41Toby Elliott — Bug 579147 - Adding comments to tell us the origin of queries, plus some search params
acd5f957416dToby Elliott — Bug 579147 - Adding comments to the mysql queries so we know their origin and some parameters
daaf178241a2Tarek Ziade — Added the authentication mechanism.
8395cb6f87a2Tarek Ziade — added extra_info(request) -> info. This function can be used to extract all information from an incoming request.
8e1110a33f15Tarek Ziade — Changed the storage APIs so they use user ids.
39df5e585168Tarek Ziade — make sure we catch all errors when a controller is instanciated
e597f44f4b84Tarek Ziade — loading the sql storage
b7b8c35f80e1Tarek Ziade — we want to filter queries by method (GET, PUT, etc)
fc537f585073Tarek Ziade — API version supported -- right now we want to have all 1.0 supported
97148fa03c44Tarek Ziade — now loading tests.ini in the functional tests
be0e817e3abcTarek Ziade — added the get_collection_timestamps API
c66cd850c8f3Tarek Ziade — Licence headers fix
11b4e9bd8d7bTarek Ziade — aded a tip on how to run the server using Paste builtin web server
4227fad0313eTarek Ziade — added a Routes based request dispatcher and a Paster/WebOb environment
e39b255d1956Tarek Ziade — fixed the item lookup
651b0ca5d130Tarek Ziade — included more ignores to avoid spurious lines when virtualenv is in use in 1.1/
4200af73a123Tarek Ziade — added minimal instructions to set up a development environment
ffbbc1903b18Tarek Ziade — initial import of Sync Server 1.1
55d5049f6eebToby Elliott — Bug 575232
211e2a565d5cToby Elliott — adding back the secondary storage option so that we can load a db
7d3551d57958Toby Elliott — adding space to encoding detection to fix bug 573115
26090417e838Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3 for changeset 3032e32701c1
3032e32701c1Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3rc5 for changeset 773a11fc861c 1.3
773a11fc861cToby Elliott — flushing tabs when the list is empty 1.3rc5
5f7e1756180fToby Elliott — support for TLS
4108e3b7b9d6Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3rc4 for changeset 2d4eb4c5793a
2d4eb4c5793aToby Elliott — adding support for multiple memcaches 1.3rc4
4440a3f972d4Toby Elliott — bumping copyright to 2010 with new release
872eb534ed16Toby Elliott — removing the _ from modulo
efe42eacd621Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3rc3 for changeset 6c10ac5811d9
6c10ac5811d9Toby Elliott — couple small tweaks, including a reversed parameter 1.3rc3
aa1112ec5593Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3rc2 for changeset ecdf48cf12f4
ecdf48cf12f4Toby Elliott — Bug 564484 - adding constant for device name (and a few other constants) for cef logging. 1.3rc2
62869251e1f9Toby Elliott — fixing the sortindex on a test
356960308f17Toby Elliott — Bug 564010 - change logging string for auth fail; add log for user/url mismatch
72df4e5bb824Toby Elliott — branch merge
211f1a876bd8Toby Elliott — fixing the negative offset and limit tests
690076dcda52Aleksandr Milewski — Change defaults to point to staging cluster
24bba735d86dLeslie Michael Orchard — bug 563820: Fix for UTF8 detection in strings, including passwords, r=telliott
19a7b85f7515Toby Elliott — adding an openlog command to redirect syslog appropriately
5a54fcc7ecf5Toby Elliott — Bug 563827 - adding optional lockout component
69568a3a12ceToby Elliott — adding source_ip function
164416d1c446Toby Elliott — adding logging on failed login attempts
2f6ab12871b8Toby Elliott — Added tag 1.3rc1 for changeset 47b62c6e6005
47b62c6e6005Toby Elliott — proper handling of a define 1.3rc1
fca754f53428Toby Elliott — stuck in a branch merge
2512a5d89057Toby Elliott — quoting a define command correctly
511d1b8f24e6Leslie Michael Orchard — bug 546556: More random salts when mcrypt available; SHA-256 for hashes; DB column name change - r=telliott
34e79eefc42cLeslie Michael Orchard — bug 546556: SSHA password hashes for mysql auth driver, r=telliott
36f6c5b82e2dToby Elliott — a couple of fixes to parameter validation
c464253c3320Toby Elliott — stupid bugfix
1579e64c47efToby Elliott — validating the parameters that come into search queries
615184fb9adbToby Elliott — adding a config to split the users in a shard across a modulo number of tables
b3b982c60778Toby Elliott — adding support for write-quotas and secondary backends. Both should be off for now.
69faab92136dToby Elliott — not using ordered comparisons in the tab test
9563dee95ec8Toby Elliott — doing the full fariable check
fd32074190a4Toby Elliott — putting the server config back
468c8a90f99eToby Elliott — putting the server config back
82109b44a734Toby Elliott — couple minor syntax tweaks
f438575df2adToby Elliott — new tests
3d53fbebbb1eToby Elliott — memcache layer between controller and db. Does tabs and collection metadata
b13c510d2bedToby Elliott — memcache layer for collection_counts and tabs
bfb09c0f13aaToby Elliott — release for 2/25/10
e8cb7f5fc23eMichael Hanson — Fixed several other places where collection order mattered.
09f7da5474b3Michael Hanson — Fixed ordering dependence in testDelete_limit
166632651aecMichael Hanson — Added tag r100225 for changeset 505f5082dbab
505f5082dbabMichael Hanson — Deactivated the WrongUserPath test if we're running tests with a specified username
4274f9059136Michael Hanson — rebase fail :(
c9ce6c91e1e0Michael Hanson — Added memcache option
3fc34aec18dcToby Elliott — we definitely need to prevent a / from appearing in ids r100225
822d94e77639Toby Elliott — deferring db connection
9ee718b070e0Toby Elliott — mb_strlen checks for bug 54650
6ef37c0da962Michael Hanson — Added validation of sortindex field
685d148ba4f6Michael Hanson — Added validation of offset and limit parameters
25364e09963dToby Elliott — adding precedence parens
7042f685fdecToby Elliott — one more set of rounds
1a5e176d6548Michael Hanson — merge
097285bbb89cMichael Hanson — Fixed the large testStorage test
ffbe52d812b4Toby Elliott — branch merge
2bee518eabd8Toby Elliott — rounding all out items multiplied by 100, so that the integer cast doesn't do bad things
14393b7bdd88Michael Hanson — Fixed millisecond sensitivity in whoisi full test.
cff20856eb27Michael Hanson — Implemented command line flags for production testing.
5d2e37bc2380Michael Hanson — Reworked how we report success from the unit tests to work with more versions of Python.
24de409c5e79Michael Hanson — Merge
fcdabff0695dMichael Hanson — Correctly set exit code after running tests
0b6698a72ce6Toby Elliott — updating constants file with more details about the salt
201179ff8348Toby Elliott — adding option to use sha256 with salt if the constants are set
47baf44b47c0Toby Elliott — better approach to wbo validation
858e2212d242Toby Elliott — fixing up the logic here to avoid a null on empty collection
4d0d188f1430Toby Elliott — validating wbo before it goes out
45308253a45dToby Elliott — ensuring that the collection is handled as an array in the metadata layer
49c53aaa3a3dToby Elliott — changing 0 and 1 to false/null and true
be8cc987d005Toby Elliott — validating collection, username and function
e92072d8c8e7Toby Elliott — fixing a utf8 conversion and a logic error
7d658b9f7d8bToby Elliott — alidating the username in the url
8c59151fb07dToby Elliott — disallowing / in wbo ids
cb6a9595ed5cToby Elliott — typo
78ece9691762Toby Elliott — adding the sharding constants file to dist
2f059a78b66fToby Elliott — moving to a single file, rather than an HTTP_HOST one
ab2f044a4664Toby Elliott — sanitizing the http hosts in case allow_url_fopen is on.
49158f9800cfToby Elliott — adding a get_collection_count to the beginning
66293bd9e163Toby Elliott — fixing up the interface
fdae3b65fc57Toby Elliott — pulling all the extra cruft out of the none auth module, and getting rid of the weave_authentication.php fle that should never have been checked in in the first place
c9ae24b36c91Toby Elliott — fixing the bad url alias in the README
d7e22931c0fcToby Elliott — branch merge
2ce27fa12117Toby Elliott — pushing last fix through merge
84b81309e9faToby Elliott — Bug 539993 - using index_above and index_below correctly
6865b07629d7Michael Hanson — New unit test suite for storage server. Includes all tests from earlier suite.
f452212b3636Toby Elliott — culling all non-mozilla stuff from the user connection. Adding a basic ldap class
560fed77b7fbToby Elliott — checking for array keys to kill the notice
c27de0e9bd66Toby Elliott — removing stray extra return line
722a3497575cToby Elliott — we're making an auth call and a user call, requiring two binds. The auth call seems unnecessary, so removing it.
57b225a6e6e4Toby Elliott — changing the error message if ldap auth can't log in
b4f666e402ecToby Elliott — semicolon
2d2e622b7378Toby Elliott — not trying to loop through a bad json decode resultwq
59f0c7fcbba6Toby Elliott — turning verifypeer off in the curl calls
a1fa19377437Toby Elliott — catching the db connect
c628b64fb3daToby Elliott — better testing output
6851894756f8Toby Elliott — adding the heartbeat test
00640a92bdbcToby Elliott — last fixes. Should all greenlight now
013ecd9b03d0Toby Elliott — more rigorous test
f70fc0519f2cToby Elliott — pulling out stray default constants
61402e57b3d7Toby Elliott — first version of the refactored server
7085f90d40a3Toby Elliott — initial checkin of the 1.0 code