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Run a keyexchange server as part of the all-in-one bundle.

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Application entry point.
from services.baseapp import set_app
from services.wsgiauth import Authentication
from syncserver.controllers import MainController

# XXX alternatively we should use Paste composite feature here
from syncreg.wsgiapp import urls as reg_urls, controllers as reg_controllers
from syncstorage.wsgiapp import (StorageServerApp,
                                 controllers as storage_controllers,
                                 urls as storage_urls)

urls = [('GET', '/weave-delete-account', 'main', 'delete_account_form'),
        ('POST', '/weave-delete-account', 'main', 'do_delete_account')]

urls = urls + reg_urls + storage_urls
reg_controllers['main'] = MainController

make_app = set_app(urls, reg_controllers, klass=StorageServerApp,