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Thu Nov 25 16:46:41 2010 +0000
c0665eb29f6879a240e0e6efc94321ea1c8ab505stefan — Accept the two possible keys for v4 crypto 1.1.x
4341252f0a1dd703b48f3bcb6eb66a93c0035aa8stefan — Now accepting 26 character crypto keys for storage version 4 1.1.x
6cf82e26cfd72b5bd71cc12246f9f7acc81e6c26stefan — Replaced base32 code because it was causing crashes. Sdded our userfriendly variant. 1.1.x
6bdf08bd487837bdf01bd7dbbb38fa5a2a3fc501stefan — Added a bunch of tests for key derivation and base32 encoding/decoding. 1.1.x