Bug 1587543 - Bump OpenH264 fallback downloader to r=Callek a=lizzard
authorBryce Seager van Dyk <bvandyk@mozilla.com>
Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:17:26 +0000
changeset 555668 fb229825695eb91e4a92797a2b7b9a176b7fded3
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reviewersCallek, lizzard
Bug 1587543 - Bump OpenH264 fallback downloader to r=Callek a=lizzard This change will cause Firefox to re-download the OpenH264 GMP if it already has the 1.8.1 version. This is being done to mitigate and issue where clients that already downloaded that version on previous versions of Firefox did not clear the mac quarantine attribute that prevents the lib being loaded in MacOS Catalina. Newer versions of Firefox will clear the attribute on download, so we want to trigger a re-download by those clients. We would typically expect this to be done by balrog, but we update these fallback rules to cover the edge case where balrog is not available and in order to keep these rules in step with those on balrog. The binaries pointed to by this version are the same as the 1.8.1 version. This change is solely to trigger a re-download. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D49197
--- a/toolkit/content/gmp-sources/openh264.json
+++ b/toolkit/content/gmp-sources/openh264.json
@@ -57,15 +57,15 @@
                     "alias": "WINNT_x86_64-msvc"
                 "android-x86_64": {
                     "fileUrl": "http://ciscobinary.openh264.org/openh264-android-x86_64-42954cf0fe8a2bdc97fdc180462a3eaefceb035f.zip",
                     "filesize": 539311,
                     "hashValue": "2c80df83c84841477cf5489e4109a0913cf3ca801063d788e100a511c9226d46059e4d28ea76496c3208c046cc44c5ce0b5263b1bfda5b731f8461ce8ce7d1b7"
-            "version": "1.8.1"
+            "version": ""
     "hashFunction": "sha512",
-    "name": "OpenH264-1.8.1",
+    "name": "OpenH264-",
     "schema_version": 1000