Bug 909323 - Improve jit-tests ADB support. r=terrence
authorDouglas Crosher <dtc-moz@scieneer.com>
Mon, 26 Aug 2013 23:32:32 +1000
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Bug 909323 - Improve jit-tests ADB support. r=terrence
--- a/js/src/jit-test/jit_test.py
+++ b/js/src/jit-test/jit_test.py
@@ -77,16 +77,19 @@ def main(argv):
     op.add_option('--remote', action='store_true',
                   help='Run tests on a remote device')
     op.add_option('--deviceIP', action='store',
                   type='string', dest='device_ip',
                   help='IP address of remote device to test')
     op.add_option('--devicePort', action='store',
                   type=int, dest='device_port', default=20701,
                   help='port of remote device to test')
+    op.add_option('--deviceSerial', action='store',
+                  type='string', dest='device_serial', default=None,
+                  help='ADB device serial number of remote device to test')
     op.add_option('--deviceTransport', action='store',
                   type='string', dest='device_transport', default='sut',
                   help='The transport to use to communicate with device: [adb|sut]; default=sut')
     op.add_option('--remoteTestRoot', dest='remote_test_root', action='store',
                   type='string', default='/data/local/tests',
                   help='The remote directory to use as test root (eg. /data/local/tests)')
     op.add_option('--localLib', dest='local_lib', action='store',
--- a/js/src/tests/lib/jittests.py
+++ b/js/src/tests/lib/jittests.py
@@ -601,36 +601,36 @@ def push_progs(options, device, progs):
         device.pushFile(local_file, remote_file)
 def run_tests_remote(tests, prefix, options):
     # Setup device with everything needed to run our tests.
     from mozdevice import devicemanager, devicemanagerADB, devicemanagerSUT
     if options.device_transport == 'adb':
         if options.device_ip:
-            dm = devicemanagerADB.DeviceManagerADB(options.device_ip, options.devicePort, packageName=None, deviceRoot=options.remoteTestRoot)
+            dm = devicemanagerADB.DeviceManagerADB(options.device_ip, options.device_port, deviceSerial=options.device_serial, packageName=None, deviceRoot=options.remote_test_root)
-            dm = devicemanagerADB.DeviceManagerADB(packageName=None, deviceRoot=options.remote_test_root)
+            dm = devicemanagerADB.DeviceManagerADB(deviceSerial=options.device_serial, packageName=None, deviceRoot=options.remote_test_root)
         dm = devicemanagerSUT.DeviceManagerSUT(options.device_ip, options.device_port, deviceRoot=options.remote_test_root)
         if options.device_ip == None:
             print('Error: you must provide a device IP to connect to via the --device option')
     # Update the test root to point to our test directory.
     options.remote_test_root = posixpath.join(options.remote_test_root, 'jit-tests')
     # Push js shell and libraries.
     if dm.dirExists(options.remote_test_root):
     push_libs(options, dm)
     push_progs(options, dm, [prefix[0]])
-    dm.pushDir(os.path.dirname(TEST_DIR), options.remote_test_root)
+    dm.pushDir(os.path.dirname(TEST_DIR), options.remote_test_root, timeout=600)
     prefix[0] = os.path.join(options.remote_test_root, 'js')
     # Run all tests.
     gen = get_remote_results(tests, dm, prefix, options)
     ok = process_test_results(gen, len(tests), options)
     return ok
 def parse_jitflags(options):
--- a/testing/mozbase/mozdevice/mozdevice/devicemanagerADB.py
+++ b/testing/mozbase/mozdevice/mozdevice/devicemanagerADB.py
@@ -213,17 +213,17 @@ class DeviceManagerADB(DeviceManager):
             self._checkCmd(["push", os.path.realpath(localname), destname],
     def mkDir(self, name):
         result = self._runCmdAs(["shell", "mkdir", name]).stdout.read()
         if 'read-only file system' in result.lower():
             raise DMError("Error creating directory: read only file system")
-    def pushDir(self, localDir, remoteDir, retryLimit=None):
+    def pushDir(self, localDir, remoteDir, retryLimit=None, timeout=None):
         # adb "push" accepts a directory as an argument, but if the directory
         # contains symbolic links, the links are pushed, rather than the linked
         # files; we either zip/unzip or re-copy the directory into a temporary
         # one to get around this limitation
         retryLimit = retryLimit or self.retryLimit
         if not self.dirExists(remoteDir):
         if self._useZip:
@@ -243,17 +243,17 @@ class DeviceManagerADB(DeviceManager):
                 self._logger.info("zip/unzip failure: falling back to normal push")
                 self._useZip = False
                 self.pushDir(localDir, remoteDir, retryLimit=retryLimit)
             tmpDir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
             # copytree's target dir must not already exist, so create a subdir
             tmpDirTarget = os.path.join(tmpDir, "tmp")
             shutil.copytree(localDir, tmpDirTarget)
-            self._checkCmd(["push", tmpDirTarget, remoteDir], retryLimit=retryLimit)
+            self._checkCmd(["push", tmpDirTarget, remoteDir], retryLimit=retryLimit, timeout=timeout)
     def dirExists(self, remotePath):
         p = self._runCmd(["shell", "ls", "-a", remotePath + '/'])
         data = p.stdout.readlines()
         if len(data) == 1:
             res = data[0]