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Bug 1458742 - Add documentation for marionette.* prefs. r=maja_zf MozReview-Commit-ID: HRWkFQtlsEv
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+There are a couple of preferences associated with the Gecko remote
+Starts and stops the Marionette server.  This will cause a TCP
+server to bind to the port defined by `marionette.port`.
+If Gecko has not been started with the `-marionette` flag or the
+`MOZ_MARIONETTE` environment variable, changing this preference
+will have no effect.  For Marionette to be enabled, either one of
+these options _must_ be given to Firefox or Fennec for Marionette
+to start.
+Delay server startup until a modal dialogue has been clicked to
+allow time for user to set breakpoints in the [Browser Toolbox].
+[Browser Toolbox]: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Browser_Toolbox
+Sets the verbosity level of the Marionette logger repository.  Note
+that this preference does not control the verbosity of other loggers
+used in Firefox or Fennec.
+The available levels are, in descending order of severity, `trace`,
+`debug`, `config`, `info`, `warn`, `error`, and `fatal`.  The value
+is treated case-insensitively.
+Defines the port on which the Marionette server will listen.  Defaults
+to port 2828.
+This can be set to 0 to have the system atomically allocate a free
+port, which can be useful when running multiple Marionette servers
+on the same system.  The effective port is written to the user
+preference file when the server has started and is also logged to
+By default Marionette attempts to set a range of preferences deemed
+suitable in automation when it starts.  These include the likes of
+disabling auto-updates, Telemetry, and first-run UX.
+The user preference file takes presedence over the recommended
+preferences, meaning any user-defined preference value will not be
+Used internally in Marionette for determining whether content scripts
+can safely be reused.  Should not be tweaked manually.
+This preference is scheduled for removal.
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@@ -31,16 +31,17 @@ Marionette using the `protocol`_.
+   Prefs.md
 See also:
 * Documentation for `Marionette Python client`_, which is used
   in-tree to write many kinds of Marionette-based tests.
 * Documentation for `Firefox Puppeteer`_, which is used to in-tree
   to write Firefox UI tests.