Bug 1379374 - Write tabs to disk that don't have a tab type yet. r=snorp, a=sledru
authorJan Henning <jh+bugzilla@buttercookie.de>
Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:10:14 +0200
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reviewerssnorp, sledru
bugs1379374, 1351808
Bug 1379374 - Write tabs to disk that don't have a tab type yet. r=snorp, a=sledru Tabs that are restored as background tabs have their session store data simply copied in from the session file without any further processing. This means that the data will be lacking the tab type attribute, which was introduced for 55 and used to decide whether that tab should be saved to disk or not. The implementation from Bug 1351808 didn't account for this, therefore without this fix background tabs that have been restored from a version < 55 and haven't been touched during the first session after the update will be excluded from the session store save file and lost. MozReview-Commit-ID: 1VlUvT2uS8K
--- a/mobile/android/components/SessionStore.js
+++ b/mobile/android/components/SessionStore.js
@@ -1073,17 +1073,17 @@ SessionStore.prototype = {
       privateData.windows.push({ tabs: [] });
       // Split the session data into private and non-private data objects.
       // Non-private session data will be saved to disk, and private session
       // data will be sent to Java for Android to hold it in memory.
       for (let i = 0; i < win.tabs.length; ++i) {
         let tab = win.tabs[i];
-        if (tab.type != "BROWSING") {
+        if (tab.type && tab.type != "BROWSING") {
         let savedWin = tab.isPrivate ? privateData.windows[winIndex] : normalData.windows[winIndex];
         if (win.selectedTabId === tab.tabId) {
           savedWin.selected = savedWin.tabs.length; // 1-based index