Bug 1300069 - Remove TrackBuffersManager::mIsEncrypted. r=jya, a=ritu
authorChris Pearce <cpearce@mozilla.com>
Wed, 28 Sep 2016 13:45:25 +1300
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reviewersjya, ritu
Bug 1300069 - Remove TrackBuffersManager::mIsEncrypted. r=jya, a=ritu It's write only, so there's no point storing this, and it's not accurate anyway, as it's actually tracking whether there's encrypted init data in the media, not whether its got encrypted tracks. MozReview-Commit-ID: 78iFUyXwRBV
--- a/dom/media/mediasource/TrackBuffersManager.cpp
+++ b/dom/media/mediasource/TrackBuffersManager.cpp
@@ -1053,17 +1053,16 @@ TrackBuffersManager::OnDemuxerInitDone(n
         new DispatchKeyNeededEvent(mParentDecoder, crypto->mInitDatas[i].mInitData,
 #endif // MOZ_EME
     info.mCrypto = *crypto;
     // We clear our crypto init data array, so the MediaFormatReader will
     // not emit an encrypted event for the same init data again.
-    mEncrypted = true;
     MonitorAutoLock mon(mMonitor);
     mInfo = info;
   // We now have a valid init data ; we can store it for later use.
--- a/dom/media/mediasource/TrackBuffersManager.h
+++ b/dom/media/mediasource/TrackBuffersManager.h
@@ -230,17 +230,16 @@ private:
   // Length already processed in current media segment.
   uint32_t mProcessedInput;
   Maybe<media::TimeUnit> mLastParsedEndTime;
   void OnDemuxerInitDone(nsresult);
   void OnDemuxerInitFailed(DemuxerFailureReason aFailure);
   void OnDemuxerResetDone(nsresult);
   MozPromiseRequestHolder<MediaDataDemuxer::InitPromise> mDemuxerInitRequest;
-  bool mEncrypted;
   void OnDemuxFailed(TrackType aTrack, DemuxerFailureReason aFailure);
   void DoDemuxVideo();
   void OnVideoDemuxCompleted(RefPtr<MediaTrackDemuxer::SamplesHolder> aSamples);
   void OnVideoDemuxFailed(DemuxerFailureReason aFailure)
     OnDemuxFailed(TrackType::kVideoTrack, aFailure);