Bug 1288791 part 1. Rename the GetParentObject template bits to make it clearer what they're really doing: finding the associated global for an object's native. r=bkelly
authorBoris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu>
Wed, 27 Jul 2016 11:05:36 -0400
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Bug 1288791 part 1. Rename the GetParentObject template bits to make it clearer what they're really doing: finding the associated global for an object's native. r=bkelly
--- a/dom/bindings/BindingUtils.cpp
+++ b/dom/bindings/BindingUtils.cpp
@@ -2020,18 +2020,19 @@ ReparentWrapper(JSContext* aCx, JS::Hand
   JS::Rooted<JSObject*> aObj(aCx, aObjArg);
   const DOMJSClass* domClass = GetDOMClass(aObj);
   // DOM things are always parented to globals.
   JS::Rooted<JSObject*> oldParent(aCx,
   MOZ_ASSERT(js::GetGlobalForObjectCrossCompartment(oldParent) == oldParent);
-  JS::Rooted<JSObject*> newParent(aCx, domClass->mGetParent(aCx, aObj));
-  MOZ_ASSERT(js::GetGlobalForObjectCrossCompartment(newParent) == newParent);
+  JS::Rooted<JSObject*> newParent(aCx,
+                                  domClass->mGetAssociatedGlobal(aCx, aObj));
+  MOZ_ASSERT(JS_IsGlobalObject(newParent));
   JSAutoCompartment oldAc(aCx, oldParent);
   JSCompartment* oldCompartment = js::GetObjectCompartment(oldParent);
   JSCompartment* newCompartment = js::GetObjectCompartment(newParent);
   if (oldCompartment == newCompartment) {
     MOZ_ASSERT(oldParent == newParent);
     return NS_OK;
--- a/dom/bindings/BindingUtils.h
+++ b/dom/bindings/BindingUtils.h
@@ -1648,30 +1648,31 @@ WrapNativeParent(JSContext* cx, const T&
 // we can just get the JSObject* directly.
 inline JSObject*
 WrapNativeParent(JSContext* cx, nsIGlobalObject* const& p)
   return p ? p->GetGlobalJSObject() : JS::CurrentGlobalOrNull(cx);
-template<typename T, bool WrapperCached=NativeHasMember<T>::GetParentObject>
-struct GetParentObject
+template<typename T,
+         bool hasAssociatedGlobal=NativeHasMember<T>::GetParentObject>
+struct FindAssociatedGlobalForNative
   static JSObject* Get(JSContext* cx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> obj)
     MOZ_ASSERT(js::IsObjectInContextCompartment(obj, cx));
     T* native = UnwrapDOMObject<T>(obj);
     JSObject* wrappedParent = WrapNativeParent(cx, native->GetParentObject());
     return wrappedParent ? js::GetGlobalForObjectCrossCompartment(wrappedParent) : nullptr;
 template<typename T>
-struct GetParentObject<T, false>
+struct FindAssociatedGlobalForNative<T, false>
   static JSObject* Get(JSContext* cx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> obj)
     return nullptr;
--- a/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
@@ -385,17 +385,17 @@ def DOMClass(descriptor):
     # padding.
     protoList.extend(['prototypes::id::_ID_Count'] * (descriptor.config.maxProtoChainLength - len(protoList)))
     return fill(
           { ${protoChain} },
           IsBaseOf<nsISupports, ${nativeType} >::value,
-          GetParentObject<${nativeType}>::Get,
+          FindAssociatedGlobalForNative<${nativeType}>::Get,
         protoChain=', '.join(protoList),
--- a/dom/bindings/DOMJSClass.h
+++ b/dom/bindings/DOMJSClass.h
@@ -313,17 +313,18 @@ IsInstance(DOMObjectType type)
 IsInterfacePrototype(DOMObjectType type)
   return type == eInterfacePrototype || type == eGlobalInterfacePrototype;
-typedef JSObject* (*ParentGetter)(JSContext* aCx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> aObj);
+typedef JSObject* (*AssociatedGlobalGetter)(JSContext* aCx,
+                                            JS::Handle<JSObject*> aObj);
 typedef JSObject* (*ProtoGetter)(JSContext* aCx);
  * Returns a handle to the relevant WebIDL prototype object for the current
  * compartment global (which may be a handle to null on out of memory).  Once
  * allocated, the prototype object is guaranteed to exist as long as the global
  * does, since the global traces its array of WebIDL prototypes and
@@ -346,17 +347,20 @@ struct DOMJSClass
   // We store the DOM object in reserved slot with index DOM_OBJECT_SLOT or in
   // the proxy private if we use a proxy object.
   // Sometimes it's an nsISupports and sometimes it's not; this class tells
   // us which it is.
   const bool mDOMObjectIsISupports;
   const NativePropertyHooks* mNativeHooks;
-  ParentGetter mGetParent;
+  // A callback to find the associated global for our C++ object.  Note that
+  // this is used in cases when that global is _changing_, so it will not match
+  // the global of the JSObject* passed in to this function!
+  AssociatedGlobalGetter mGetAssociatedGlobal;
   ProtoHandleGetter mGetProto;
   // This stores the CC participant for the native, null if this class does not
   // implement cycle collection or if it inherits from nsISupports (we can get
   // the CC participant by QI'ing in that case).
   nsCycleCollectionParticipant* mParticipant;
   static const DOMJSClass* FromJSClass(const JSClass* base) {