Bug 1141349 - Pref off MSE on Mac. r=ajones, a=lmandel
authorRalph Giles <giles@mozilla.com>
Mon, 09 Mar 2015 16:48:06 -0700
changeset 252033 c8f3771189852bf887b376c92a3cf76e2ac2da6b
parent 252032 0e0204877015c71d8510e27b0152c4a105a155a8
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push dateMon, 23 Mar 2015 22:08:11 +0000
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reviewersajones, lmandel
Bug 1141349 - Pref off MSE on Mac. r=ajones, a=lmandel Feature's still not ready, so better to reduce our risk.
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -430,17 +430,17 @@ pref("media.webvtt.regions.enabled", fal
 // AudioTrack and VideoTrack support
 pref("media.track.enabled", false);
 // Whether to enable MediaSource support.
 // We want to enable on non-release  builds and on release windows and mac
 // but on release builds restrict to YouTube. We don't enable for other
 // configurations because code for those platforms isn't ready yet.
-#if defined(XP_WIN) || defined(XP_MACOSX) || !defined(RELEASE_BUILD)
+#if defined(XP_WIN) || !defined(RELEASE_BUILD)
 pref("media.mediasource.enabled", true);
 pref("media.mediasource.enabled", false);
 pref("media.mediasource.youtubeonly", true);