bug 1549249 - build bustage follow-up r=mt,dveditz a=tomprince
authorDana Keeler <dkeeler@mozilla.com>
Tue, 07 May 2019 00:16:00 +0000
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reviewersmt, dveditz, tomprince
bug 1549249 - build bustage follow-up r=mt,dveditz a=tomprince SECItem uses an unsigned int to indicate its length. We need to cast a size_t down to the appropriate size. This is safe because what we're casting will always fit in an unsigned int on the platforms we're using (it's just the size of the intermediate certificate we added). Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D30144
--- a/security/apps/AppTrustDomain.cpp
+++ b/security/apps/AppTrustDomain.cpp
@@ -129,17 +129,18 @@ nsresult AppTrustDomain::SetTrustedRoot(
   // If we're verifying add-ons signed by our production root, we want to make
   // sure a valid intermediate certificate is available for path building.
   // Merely holding this alive in memory makes it available for NSS to find in
   // AppTrustDomain::FindIssuer.
   if (trustedRoot == nsIX509CertDB::AddonsPublicRoot) {
     SECItem intermediateDER = {
-        mozilla::ArrayLength(addonsPublicIntermediate),
+        static_cast<unsigned int>(
+            mozilla::ArrayLength(addonsPublicIntermediate)),
         CERT_GetDefaultCertDB(), &intermediateDER, nullptr, false, true));
     if (!mAddonsIntermediate) {
       return mozilla::psm::GetXPCOMFromNSSError(PR_GetError());