Bug 1369831 - fix "telementry" typo in js; r=billm
authorTom Tromey <tom@tromey.com>
Fri, 02 Jun 2017 12:49:56 -0600
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Bug 1369831 - fix "telementry" typo in js; r=billm MozReview-Commit-ID: DxhNlSnvZZC
--- a/js/src/jsexn.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jsexn.cpp
@@ -784,17 +784,17 @@ ErrorReport::ErrorReport(JSContext* cx)
-ErrorReport::ReportAddonExceptionToTelementry(JSContext* cx)
+ErrorReport::ReportAddonExceptionToTelemetry(JSContext* cx)
     RootedObject unwrapped(cx, UncheckedUnwrap(exnObject));
     MOZ_ASSERT(unwrapped, "UncheckedUnwrap failed?");
     // There is not much we can report if the exception is not an ErrorObject, let's ignore those.
     if (!unwrapped->is<ErrorObject>())
@@ -864,18 +864,18 @@ ErrorReport::init(JSContext* cx, HandleV
         if (!reportp && sniffingBehavior == NoSideEffects) {
             JS_ReportErrorNumberASCII(cx, GetErrorMessage, nullptr,
             return false;
         // Let's see if the exception is from add-on code, if so, it should be reported
-        // to telementry.
-        ReportAddonExceptionToTelementry(cx);
+        // to telemetry.
+        ReportAddonExceptionToTelemetry(cx);
     // Be careful not to invoke ToString if we've already successfully extracted
     // an error report, since the exception might be wrapped in a security
     // wrapper, and ToString-ing it might throw.
     if (reportp) {
         str = ErrorReportToString(cx, reportp);
--- a/js/src/jsfriendapi.h
+++ b/js/src/jsfriendapi.h
@@ -1477,18 +1477,18 @@ struct MOZ_STACK_CLASS JS_FRIEND_API(Err
     // but fills in an ErrorReport instead of reporting it.  Uses varargs to
     // make it simpler to call js::ExpandErrorArgumentsVA.
     // Returns false if we fail to actually populate the ErrorReport
     // for some reason (probably out of memory).
     bool populateUncaughtExceptionReportUTF8(JSContext* cx, ...);
     bool populateUncaughtExceptionReportUTF8VA(JSContext* cx, va_list ap);
-    // Reports exceptions from add-on scopes to telementry.
-    void ReportAddonExceptionToTelementry(JSContext* cx);
+    // Reports exceptions from add-on scopes to telemetry.
+    void ReportAddonExceptionToTelemetry(JSContext* cx);
     // We may have a provided JSErrorReport, so need a way to represent that.
     JSErrorReport* reportp;
     // Or we may need to synthesize a JSErrorReport one of our own.
     JSErrorReport ownedReport;
     // And we have a string to maybe keep alive that has pointers into