Backed out changeset dd834d38eaab for Windows debug build bustage
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Backed out changeset dd834d38eaab for Windows debug build bustage
--- a/servo/components/script/dom/bindings/codegen/
+++ b/servo/components/script/dom/bindings/codegen/
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 # file, You can obtain one at
 import os
-from WebIDL import IDLExternalInterface, IDLSequenceType, IDLWrapperType, WebIDLError
+from WebIDL import IDLExternalInterface, IDLWrapperType, WebIDLError
 class Configuration:
     Represents global configuration state based on IDL parse data and
     the configuration file.
     def __init__(self, filename, parseData):
@@ -452,35 +452,29 @@ def getTypesFromDictionary(dictionary):
     Get all member types for this dictionary
     if isinstance(dictionary, IDLWrapperType):
         dictionary = dictionary.inner
     types = []
     curDict = dictionary
     while curDict:
-        types.extend([getUnwrappedType(m.type) for m in curDict.members])
+        types.extend([m.type for m in curDict.members])
         curDict = curDict.parent
     return types
 def getTypesFromCallback(callback):
     Get the types this callback depends on: its return type and the
     types of its arguments.
     sig = callback.signatures()[0]
     types = [sig[0]]  # Return type
     types.extend(arg.type for arg in sig[1])  # Arguments
     return types
-def getUnwrappedType(type):
-    if isinstance(type, IDLSequenceType):
-        return type.inner
-    return type
 def iteratorNativeType(descriptor, infer=False):
     assert descriptor.interface.isIterable()
     iterableDecl = descriptor.interface.maplikeOrSetlikeOrIterable
     assert iterableDecl.isPairIterator()
     return "IterableIterator%s" % ("" if infer else '<%s>' %
--- a/servo/components/script/dom/
+++ b/servo/components/script/dom/
@@ -385,17 +385,16 @@ impl TestBindingMethods for TestBinding 
             floatValue: None,
             interfaceValue: None,
             longLongValue: None,
             longValue: None,
             objectValue: None,
             octetValue: None,
             requiredValue: true,
             seqDict: None,
-            elementSequence: None,
             shortValue: None,
             stringValue: None,
             type_: Some(DOMString::from("success")),
             unrestrictedDoubleValue: None,
             unrestrictedFloatValue: None,
             unsignedLongLongValue: None,
             unsignedLongValue: None,
             unsignedShortValue: None,
--- a/servo/components/script/dom/webidls/TestBinding.webidl
+++ b/servo/components/script/dom/webidls/TestBinding.webidl
@@ -29,18 +29,16 @@ dictionary TestDictionary {
   DOMString stringValue;
   USVString usvstringValue;
   TestEnum enumValue;
   Blob interfaceValue;
   any anyValue;
   object objectValue;
   TestDictionaryDefaults dict;
   sequence<TestDictionaryDefaults> seqDict;
-  // Testing codegen to import Element correctly, ensure no other code references Element directly
-  sequence<Element> elementSequence;
   // Reserved rust keyword
   DOMString type;
   // These are used to test bidirectional conversion
   // and differentiation of non-required and nullable types
   // in dictionaries.
   DOMString? nonRequiredNullable;
   DOMString? nonRequiredNullable2;