Bug 1495024 - Firefox does not use exponential back-off after failing to load a PAC file. r=bagder
authorPolly Shaw <polly.shaw@gmail.com>
Fri, 19 Oct 2018 09:13:16 +0000
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Bug 1495024 - Firefox does not use exponential back-off after failing to load a PAC file. r=bagder This patch addresses a bug introduced in the solution to Bug 356831, in which the back-off time for reloading PAC files was set to the shortest interval every time a failure happened, thus auto-detecting PAC every 5 seconds on a network on which WPAD did not resolve when the proxy was set to auto-detect. The changes in this patch are: * nsPACMan.h - declares a private overload to LoadPACFromURI, with an additional parameter called aResetLoadFailureCount. * nsPACMan.cpp - moves the implementation of the old LoadPACFromURI to the new private overload, with the modification that the mLoadFailureCount field is only reset to 0 if aResetLoadFailureCount is true. Replaces the implementation of the public LoadPACFromURI with a call to the private overload with aResetLoadFailureCount = true. Also replaces the call made from within nsPACMan when triggering an internal reload with a call with aResetLoadFailureCount = false, thus ensuring that internally triggered reloads do not reset the back-off time. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D9035
--- a/netwerk/base/nsPACMan.cpp
+++ b/netwerk/base/nsPACMan.cpp
@@ -497,17 +497,17 @@ nsPACMan::AsyncGetProxyForURI(nsIURI *ur
   if (mShutdown)
   // Maybe Reload PAC
   if (!mPACURISpec.IsEmpty() && !mScheduledReload.IsNull() &&
       TimeStamp::Now() > mScheduledReload) {
     LOG(("nsPACMan::AsyncGetProxyForURI reload as scheduled\n"));
-    LoadPACFromURI(mAutoDetect? EmptyCString(): mPACURISpec);
+    LoadPACFromURI(mAutoDetect? EmptyCString(): mPACURISpec, false);
   RefPtr<PendingPACQuery> query =
     new PendingPACQuery(this, uri, callback, mainThreadResponse);
   if (IsPACURI(uri)) {
     // deal with this directly instead of queueing it
     query->Complete(NS_OK, EmptyCString());
@@ -532,30 +532,38 @@ nsPACMan::PostQuery(PendingPACQuery *que
   return NS_OK;
 nsPACMan::LoadPACFromURI(const nsACString &aSpec)
+  return LoadPACFromURI(aSpec, true);
+nsPACMan::LoadPACFromURI(const nsACString &aSpec, bool aResetLoadFailureCount)
   nsCOMPtr<nsIStreamLoader> loader =
-  LOG(("nsPACMan::LoadPACFromURI aSpec: %s\n", aSpec.BeginReading()));
+  LOG(("nsPACMan::LoadPACFromURI aSpec: %s, aResetLoadFailureCount: %s\n", aSpec.BeginReading(), aResetLoadFailureCount? "true": "false"));
   mLoader = loader;
   mNormalPACURISpec.Truncate(); // set at load time
-  mLoadFailureCount = 0;  // reset
+  if (aResetLoadFailureCount) {
+    mLoadFailureCount = 0;
+  }
   mAutoDetect = aSpec.IsEmpty();
   // reset to Null
   mScheduledReload = TimeStamp();
   // if we're on the main thread here so we can get hold of prefs,
   // we check that we have WPAD preffed on if we're auto-detecting
--- a/netwerk/base/nsPACMan.h
+++ b/netwerk/base/nsPACMan.h
@@ -204,16 +204,30 @@ private:
   void StartLoading();
    * Continue loading the PAC file.
   void ContinueLoadingAfterPACUriKnown();
+   * This method may be called to reload the PAC file.  While we are loading
+   * the PAC file, any asynchronous PAC queries will be queued up to be
+   * processed once the PAC file finishes loading.
+   *
+   * @param aSpec
+   *        The non normalized uri spec of this URI used for comparison with
+   *        system proxy settings to determine if the PAC uri has changed.
+   * @param aResetLoadFailureCount
+   *        A flag saying whether the exponential back-off for attempting to reload the
+   *        PAC should be reset.
+   */
+  nsresult LoadPACFromURI(const nsACString &aSpec, bool aResetLoadFailureCount);
    * Reload the PAC file if there is reason to.
   void MaybeReloadPAC();
    * Called when we fail to load the PAC file.