Bug 1627490 - Replace MOZ_MUST_USE with [[nodiscard]] in tools/profiler. r=mstange
authorChris Peterson <cpeterson@mozilla.com>
Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:38:52 +0000
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Bug 1627490 - Replace MOZ_MUST_USE with [[nodiscard]] in tools/profiler. r=mstange Also move MOZ_MUST_USE before function declarations' specifiers and return type. While clang and gcc's __attribute__((warn_unused_result)) can appear before, between, or after function specifiers and return types, the [[nodiscard]] attribute must precede the function specifiers. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D69739
--- a/tools/profiler/core/ProfileBufferEntry.h
+++ b/tools/profiler/core/ProfileBufferEntry.h
@@ -388,33 +388,33 @@ class UniqueStacks {
     static void rekey(StackKey& aKey, const StackKey& aNewKey) {
       aKey = aNewKey;
   explicit UniqueStacks(JITFrameInfo&& aJITFrameInfo);
   // Return a StackKey for aFrame as the stack's root frame (no prefix).
-  MOZ_MUST_USE StackKey BeginStack(const FrameKey& aFrame);
+  [[nodiscard]] StackKey BeginStack(const FrameKey& aFrame);
   // Return a new StackKey that is obtained by appending aFrame to aStack.
-  MOZ_MUST_USE StackKey AppendFrame(const StackKey& aStack,
-                                    const FrameKey& aFrame);
+  [[nodiscard]] StackKey AppendFrame(const StackKey& aStack,
+                                     const FrameKey& aFrame);
   // Look up frame keys for the given JIT address, and ensure that our frame
   // table has entries for the returned frame keys. The JSON for these frames
   // is taken from mJITInfoRanges.
   // aBufferPosition is needed in order to look up the correct JIT frame info
   // object in mJITInfoRanges.
-  MOZ_MUST_USE mozilla::Maybe<mozilla::Vector<UniqueStacks::FrameKey>>
+  [[nodiscard]] mozilla::Maybe<mozilla::Vector<UniqueStacks::FrameKey>>
   LookupFramesForJITAddressFromBufferPos(void* aJITAddress,
                                          uint64_t aBufferPosition);
-  MOZ_MUST_USE uint32_t GetOrAddFrameIndex(const FrameKey& aFrame);
-  MOZ_MUST_USE uint32_t GetOrAddStackIndex(const StackKey& aStack);
+  [[nodiscard]] uint32_t GetOrAddFrameIndex(const FrameKey& aFrame);
+  [[nodiscard]] uint32_t GetOrAddStackIndex(const StackKey& aStack);
   void SpliceFrameTableElements(SpliceableJSONWriter& aWriter);
   void SpliceStackTableElements(SpliceableJSONWriter& aWriter);
   void StreamNonJITFrame(const FrameKey& aFrame);
   void StreamStack(const StackKey& aStack);
--- a/tools/profiler/core/platform.cpp
+++ b/tools/profiler/core/platform.cpp
@@ -734,17 +734,17 @@ class ActivePS {
                      uint32_t aFeatures, const char** aFilters,
                      uint32_t aFilterCount, uint64_t aActiveBrowsingContextID,
                      const Maybe<double>& aDuration) {
     sInstance = new ActivePS(aLock, aCapacity, aInterval, aFeatures, aFilters,
                              aFilterCount, aActiveBrowsingContextID, aDuration);
-  static MOZ_MUST_USE SamplerThread* Destroy(PSLockRef aLock) {
+  [[nodiscard]] static SamplerThread* Destroy(PSLockRef aLock) {
     auto samplerThread = sInstance->mSamplerThread;
     delete sInstance;
     sInstance = nullptr;
     return samplerThread;
@@ -789,17 +789,17 @@ class ActivePS {
   static bool ShouldProfileThread(PSLockRef aLock, ThreadInfo* aInfo) {
     return ((aInfo->IsMainThread() || FeatureThreads(aLock)) &&
-  static MOZ_MUST_USE bool AppendPostSamplingCallback(
+  [[nodiscard]] static bool AppendPostSamplingCallback(
       PSLockRef, PostSamplingCallback&& aCallback);
   // Writes out the current active configuration of the profile.
   static void WriteActiveConfiguration(PSLockRef aLock, JSONWriter& aWriter,
                                        const char* aPropertyName = nullptr) {
     if (!sInstance) {
       if (aPropertyName) {
@@ -2761,17 +2761,17 @@ class SamplerThread {
     UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem> mPrev;
     PostSamplingCallback mCallback;
     PostSamplingCallbackListItem(UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem> aPrev,
                                  PostSamplingCallback&& aCallback)
         : mPrev(std::move(aPrev)), mCallback(std::move(aCallback)) {}
-  MOZ_MUST_USE UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem>
+  [[nodiscard]] UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem>
   TakePostSamplingCallbacks(PSLockRef) {
     return std::move(mPostSamplingCallbackList);
   static void InvokePostSamplingCallbacks(
       UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem> aCallbacks,
       SamplingState aSamplingState) {
     if (!aCallbacks) {
@@ -2817,17 +2817,17 @@ class SamplerThread {
   // Post-sampling callbacks are kept in a simple linked list, which will be
   // stolen by the sampler thread at the end of its next run.
   UniquePtr<PostSamplingCallbackListItem> mPostSamplingCallbackList;
   SamplerThread(const SamplerThread&) = delete;
   void operator=(const SamplerThread&) = delete;
-// static MOZ_MUST_USE
+// [[nodiscard]] static
 bool ActivePS::AppendPostSamplingCallback(PSLockRef aLock,
                                           PostSamplingCallback&& aCallback) {
   if (!sInstance || !sInstance->mSamplerThread) {
     return false;
   return true;
@@ -4306,17 +4306,17 @@ void profiler_ensure_started(PowerOfTwo3
   if (startedProfiler) {
     NotifyProfilerStarted(aCapacity, aDuration, aInterval, aFeatures, aFilters,
                           aFilterCount, aActiveBrowsingContextID);
-static MOZ_MUST_USE SamplerThread* locked_profiler_stop(PSLockRef aLock) {
+[[nodiscard]] static SamplerThread* locked_profiler_stop(PSLockRef aLock) {
   MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(CorePS::Exists() && ActivePS::Exists(aLock));
   // At the very start, clear RacyFeatures.
 #if defined(GP_OS_android)
@@ -4421,17 +4421,17 @@ bool profiler_is_paused() {
   if (!ActivePS::Exists(lock)) {
     return false;
   return ActivePS::IsPaused(lock);
-/* MOZ_MUST_USE */ bool profiler_callback_after_sampling(
+/* [[nodiscard]] */ bool profiler_callback_after_sampling(
     PostSamplingCallback&& aCallback) {
   PSAutoLock lock(gPSMutex);
   return ActivePS::AppendPostSamplingCallback(lock, std::move(aCallback));
--- a/tools/profiler/public/ChildProfilerController.h
+++ b/tools/profiler/public/ChildProfilerController.h
@@ -24,17 +24,17 @@ class PProfilerParent;
 // It manages a background thread that ProfilerChild runs on.
 class ChildProfilerController final {
   static already_AddRefed<ChildProfilerController> Create(
       mozilla::ipc::Endpoint<PProfilerChild>&& aEndpoint);
-  MOZ_MUST_USE nsCString GrabShutdownProfileAndShutdown();
+  [[nodiscard]] nsCString GrabShutdownProfileAndShutdown();
   void Shutdown();
   void Init(mozilla::ipc::Endpoint<PProfilerChild>&& aEndpoint);
   void ShutdownAndMaybeGrabShutdownProfileFirst(nsCString* aOutShutdownProfile);
--- a/tools/profiler/public/GeckoProfiler.h
+++ b/tools/profiler/public/GeckoProfiler.h
@@ -433,17 +433,17 @@ using PostSamplingCallback = std::functi
 // Install a callback to be invoked at the end of the next sampling loop.
 // - `false` if profiler is not active, `aCallback` will stay untouched.
 // - `true` if `aCallback` was successfully moved-from into internal storage,
 //   and *will* be invoked at the end of the next sampling cycle. Note that this
 //   will happen on the Sampler thread, and will block further sampling, so
 //   please be mindful not to block for a long time (e.g., just dispatch a
 //   runnable to another thread.) Calling profiler functions from the callback
 //   is allowed.
-MOZ_MUST_USE bool profiler_callback_after_sampling(
+[[nodiscard]] bool profiler_callback_after_sampling(
     PostSamplingCallback&& aCallback);
 // Pause and resume the profiler. No-ops if the profiler is inactive. While
 // paused the profile will not take any samples and will not record any data
 // into its buffers. The profiler remains fully initialized in this state.
 // Timeline markers will still be stored. This feature will keep JavaScript
 // profiling enabled, thus allowing toggling the profiler without invalidating
 // the JIT.