Bug 1572671 - Don't load content process server startup script if it was already loaded. r=ochameau.
authorNicolas Chevobbe <nchevobbe@mozilla.com>
Wed, 28 Aug 2019 06:37:18 +0000
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Bug 1572671 - Don't load content process server startup script if it was already loaded. r=ochameau. Previously, we were simply having a flag on the ContentProcessConnector that we would flip once we loaded the content process server startup script. This was working fine until multi-proxy browser console. Each time we open the Browser Console, we create a new loader in a new compartment. Which means in the end we'll have a new ContentProcessConnector instance, and the flag would be resetted, and thus we would load a new content process server startup script, which finally, would emit some packet twice, and thus would break how we manage new packet in the client. This patch fixes that by replacing the flag by checking if the script was already loaded. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D43618
--- a/devtools/server/connectors/content-process-connector.js
+++ b/devtools/server/connectors/content-process-connector.js
@@ -16,33 +16,28 @@ loader.lazyRequireGetter(
 loader.lazyRequireGetter(this, "EventEmitter", "devtools/shared/event-emitter");
 const ContentProcessConnector = {
-  // Flag to check if the content process server startup script was already loaded.
-  _contentProcessServerStartupScriptLoaded: false,
    * Start a DevTools server in a content process (representing the entire process, not
    * just a single frame) and add it as a child server for an active connection.
   startServer(connection, mm, onDestroy) {
     return new Promise(resolve => {
       const prefix = connection.allocID("content-process");
       let actor, childTransport;
       mm.addMessageListener("debug:content-process-actor", function listener(
       ) {
-        // Arbitrarily choose the first content process to reply
-        // XXX: This code needs to be updated if we use more than one content process
         mm.removeMessageListener("debug:content-process-actor", listener);
         // Pipe Debugger message from/to parent/child via the message manager
         childTransport = new ChildDebuggerTransport(mm, prefix);
         childTransport.hooks = {
           onPacket: connection.send.bind(connection),
           onClosed() {},
@@ -53,23 +48,25 @@ const ContentProcessConnector = {
         dumpn(`Start forwarding for process with prefix ${prefix}`);
         actor = msg.json.actor;
       // Load the content process server startup script only once.
-      if (!this._contentProcessServerStartupScriptLoaded) {
+      const isContentProcessServerStartupScripLoaded = Services.ppmm
+        .getDelayedProcessScripts()
+        .some(([uri]) => uri === CONTENT_PROCESS_SERVER_STARTUP_SCRIPT);
+      if (!isContentProcessServerStartupScripLoaded) {
         // Load the process script that will receive the debug:init-content-server message
-        this._contentProcessServerStartupScriptLoaded = true;
       // Send a message to the content process server startup script to forward it the
       // prefix.
       mm.sendAsyncMessage("debug:init-content-server", {
         prefix: prefix,