Bug 1371838 - export the gecko profiler registering function to WR. r=jrmuizel
authorJerryShih <hshih@mozilla.com>
Sat, 11 Nov 2017 18:57:31 +0800
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Bug 1371838 - export the gecko profiler registering function to WR. r=jrmuizel MozReview-Commit-ID: 2gVAmU2xomP
--- a/gfx/layers/wr/WebRenderBridgeParent.cpp
+++ b/gfx/layers/wr/WebRenderBridgeParent.cpp
@@ -96,16 +96,29 @@ void* get_proc_address_from_glcontext(vo
   mozilla::gl::GLContext* glcontext = reinterpret_cast<mozilla::gl::GLContext*>(glcontext_ptr);
   if (!glcontext) {
     return nullptr;
   PRFuncPtr p = glcontext->LookupSymbol(procname);
   return reinterpret_cast<void*>(p);
+gecko_profiler_register_thread(const char* name)
+  char stackTop;
+  profiler_register_thread(name, &stackTop);
+  profiler_unregister_thread();
 namespace mozilla {
 namespace layers {
 using namespace mozilla::gfx;
 class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoWebRenderBridgeParentAsyncMessageSender
--- a/gfx/webrender_bindings/src/bindings.rs
+++ b/gfx/webrender_bindings/src/bindings.rs
@@ -582,16 +582,21 @@ pub unsafe extern "C" fn wr_rendered_epo
 /// cbindgen:postfix=WR_DESTRUCTOR_SAFE_FUNC
 pub unsafe extern "C" fn wr_rendered_epochs_delete(pipeline_epochs: *mut WrRenderedEpochs) {
+extern "C" {
+    fn gecko_profiler_register_thread(name: *const ::std::os::raw::c_char);
+    fn gecko_profiler_unregister_thread();
 pub struct WrThreadPool(Arc<rayon::ThreadPool>);
 pub unsafe extern "C" fn wr_thread_pool_new() -> *mut WrThreadPool {
     let worker_config = rayon::Configuration::new()
         .thread_name(|idx|{ format!("WebRender:Worker#{}", idx) })
         .start_handler(|idx| {
             register_thread_with_profiler(format!("WebRender:Worker#{}", idx));
--- a/gfx/webrender_bindings/webrender_ffi.h
+++ b/gfx/webrender_bindings/webrender_ffi.h
@@ -21,16 +21,18 @@ bool is_in_main_thread();
 bool is_in_render_thread();
 bool is_glcontext_egl(void* glcontext_ptr);
 bool gfx_use_wrench();
 const char* gfx_wr_resource_path_override();
 void gfx_critical_note(const char* msg);
 void gfx_critical_error(const char* msg);
 void gecko_printf_stderr_output(const char* msg);
 void* get_proc_address_from_glcontext(void* glcontext_ptr, const char* procname);
+void gecko_profiler_register_thread(const char* threadname);
+void gecko_profiler_unregister_thread();
 } // extern "C"
 // Some useful defines to stub out webrender binding functions for when we
 // build gecko without webrender. We try to tell the compiler these functions
 // are unreachable in that case, but VC++ emits a warning if it finds any
 // unreachable functions invoked from destructors. That warning gets turned into
 // an error and causes the build to fail. So for wr_* functions called by
--- a/gfx/webrender_bindings/webrender_ffi_generated.h
+++ b/gfx/webrender_bindings/webrender_ffi_generated.h
@@ -938,16 +938,20 @@ extern void AddFontData(WrFontKey aKey,
 extern void AddNativeFontHandle(WrFontKey aKey,
                                 void *aHandle,
                                 uint32_t aIndex);
 extern void DeleteFontData(WrFontKey aKey);
 extern void gecko_printf_stderr_output(const char *aMsg);
+extern void gecko_profiler_register_thread(const char *aName);
+extern void gecko_profiler_unregister_thread();
 extern void gfx_critical_error(const char *aMsg);
 extern void gfx_critical_note(const char *aMsg);
 extern bool gfx_use_wrench();
 extern const char *gfx_wr_resource_path_override();