Bug 1515651 - Open LP URLs specifically in Fennec. r=sdaswani
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Bug 1515651 - Open LP URLs specifically in Fennec. r=sdaswani Created a new "open" deeplink to open pages directly in Fennec. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D15127
--- a/mobile/android/base/java/org/mozilla/gecko/LauncherActivity.java
+++ b/mobile/android/base/java/org/mozilla/gecko/LauncherActivity.java
@@ -27,27 +27,29 @@ import org.mozilla.gecko.preferences.Gec
 import org.mozilla.gecko.tabqueue.TabQueueHelper;
 import org.mozilla.gecko.tabqueue.TabQueueService;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.ACTIVITY_REQUEST_PREFERENCES;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.DEEP_LINK_SCHEME;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_BOOKMARK_LIST;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_DEFAULT_BROWSER;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_HISTORY_LIST;
+import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_OPEN;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_HOME;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_ACCESSIBILITY;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_GENERAL;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_NOTIFICATIONS;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_PRIAVACY;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_PREFERENCES_SEARCH;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_SAVE_AS_PDF;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_SIGN_UP;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.SUMO_DEFAULT_BROWSER;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.LINK_FXA_SIGNIN;
+import static org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract.URL_PARAM;
 import static org.mozilla.gecko.util.FileUtils.isContentUri;
 import org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink.DeepLinkContract;
  * Activity that receives incoming Intents and dispatches them to the appropriate activities (e.g. browser, custom tabs, web app).
 public class LauncherActivity extends Activity {
@@ -199,16 +201,19 @@ public class LauncherActivity extends Ac
         final String localUid = getSharedPreferences(BrowserApp.class.getName(), MODE_PRIVATE).getString(MmaDelegate.KEY_ANDROID_PREF_STRING_LEANPLUM_DEVICE_ID, null);
         final boolean isMmaDeepLink = uid != null && localUid != null && uid.equals(localUid);
         if (!validateMmaDeepLink(deepLink, isMmaDeepLink)) {
         switch (deepLink) {
+            case LINK_OPEN:
+                dispatchUrlDeepLink(intent);
+                break;
             case LINK_DEFAULT_BROWSER:
                 GeckoSharedPrefs.forApp(this).edit().putBoolean(GeckoPreferences.PREFS_DEFAULT_BROWSER, true).apply();
                 if (AppConstants.Versions.feature24Plus) {
                     // We are special casing the link to set the default browser here: On old Android versions we
                     // link to a SUMO page but on new Android versions we can link to the default app settings where
                     // the user can actually set a default browser (Bug 1312686).
                     final Intent changeDefaultApps = new Intent("android.settings.MANAGE_DEFAULT_APPS_SETTINGS");
@@ -299,9 +304,15 @@ public class LauncherActivity extends Ac
         intent.setClassName(getApplicationContext(), AppConstants.MOZ_ANDROID_BROWSER_INTENT_CLASS);
+    private void dispatchUrlDeepLink(final SafeIntent intent) {
+        String url = intent.getData().getQueryParameter(URL_PARAM);
+        if (url != null) {
+            dispatchUrlIntent(url);
+        }
+    }
--- a/mobile/android/base/java/org/mozilla/gecko/deeplink/DeepLinkContract.java
+++ b/mobile/android/base/java/org/mozilla/gecko/deeplink/DeepLinkContract.java
@@ -9,25 +9,28 @@ package org.mozilla.gecko.deeplink;
 public class DeepLinkContract {
     // Sumo page for setting Fennec as default browser
     public static final String SUMO_DEFAULT_BROWSER = "https://support.mozilla.org/kb/make-firefox-default-browser-android?utm_source=inproduct&amp;utm_medium=settings&amp;utm_campaign=mobileandroid";
     public static final String DEEP_LINK_SCHEME = "firefox";
     public static final String LINK_FXA_SIGNIN = "fxa-signin";
+    public static final String LINK_OPEN = "open";
     public static final String LINK_DEFAULT_BROWSER = "default_browser";
     public static final String LINK_SAVE_AS_PDF = "save_as_pdf";
     public static final String LINK_BOOKMARK_LIST = "bookmark_list";
     public static final String LINK_HISTORY_LIST = "history_list";
     public static final String LINK_SIGN_UP = "sign_up";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_GENERAL = "preferences_general";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES = "preferences";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_PRIAVACY = "preferences_privacy";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_SEARCH = "preferences_search";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_NOTIFICATIONS = "preferences_notifications";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_ACCESSIBILITY = "preferences_accessibility";
     public static final String LINK_PREFERENCES_HOME = "preferences_home";
+    public static final String URL_PARAM = "url";
     public static final String ACCOUNTS_TOKEN_PARAM = "signin";
     public static final String ACCOUNTS_ENTRYPOINT_PARAM = "entrypoint";
     public static final String ACCOUNTS_UTM_PREFIX = "utm_";
--- a/mobile/android/docs/mma.rst
+++ b/mobile/android/docs/mma.rst
@@ -172,16 +172,17 @@ List of current Events related data that
   "event" : "E_Just_Installed_Klar"
 Deep Links:
 Deep links are actions that can point Fennec to open certain pages or load features such as `show bookmark list` or
 `open a SUMO page`. When users see a prompt Leanplum message, they can click the button(s) on it. These buttons can
 trigger the following deep links
+* Link to open pages specifically in Fennec (firefox://open?url=)
 * Link to Set Default Browser settings (firefox://default_browser)
 * Link to specific Add-on page (http://link_to_the_add_on_page)
 * Link to sync signup/sign in (firefox://sign_up)
 * Link to default search engine settings (firefox://preferences_search)
 * Link to “Save as PDF” feature (firefox://save_as_pdf)
 * Take user directly to a Sign up for a newsletter (http://link_to_newsletter_page)
 * Link to bookmark list (firefox://bookmark_list)
 * Link to history list (firefox://history_list)