Bug 1400618 part 4 - Destroy frames before calling nsXBLBinding::ChangeDocument in a few places. r=bz
authorMats Palmgren <mats@mozilla.com>
Tue, 07 Nov 2017 01:20:34 +0100
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Bug 1400618 part 4 - Destroy frames before calling nsXBLBinding::ChangeDocument in a few places. r=bz nsXBLBinding::ChangeDocument calls UnbindAnonymousContent which calls UnbindFromTree on the content so any frames must be destroyed before that to maintain the invariant that frames are destroyed before unbinding. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8Icj7zqpuZS
--- a/dom/xbl/nsBindingManager.cpp
+++ b/dom/xbl/nsBindingManager.cpp
@@ -271,29 +271,35 @@ nsBindingManager::ClearBinding(Element* 
   // Hold strong ref in case removing the binding tries to close the
   // window or something.
   // XXXbz should that be ownerdoc?  Wouldn't we need a ref to the
   // currentdoc too?  What's the one that should be passed to
   // ChangeDocument?
   nsCOMPtr<nsIDocument> doc = aElement->OwnerDoc();
+  // Destroy the frames here before the UnbindFromTree happens.
+  nsIPresShell* presShell = doc->GetShell();
+  if (presShell) {
+    presShell->DestroyFramesForAndRestyle(aElement);
+  }
   // Finally remove the binding...
   // XXXbz this doesn't remove the implementation!  Should fix!  Until
   // then we need the explicit UnhookEventHandlers here.
   binding->ChangeDocument(doc, nullptr);
   aElement->SetXBLBinding(nullptr, this);
   // ...and recreate its frames. We need to do this since the frames may have
   // been removed and style may have changed due to the removal of the
   // anonymous children.
   // XXXbz this should be using the current doc (if any), not the owner doc.
-  nsIPresShell *presShell = doc->GetShell();
+  presShell = doc->GetShell(); // get the shell again, just in case it changed
   return NS_OK;
 nsBindingManager::LoadBindingDocument(nsIDocument* aBoundDoc,
--- a/dom/xml/nsXMLPrettyPrinter.cpp
+++ b/dom/xml/nsXMLPrettyPrinter.cpp
@@ -43,17 +43,18 @@ nsXMLPrettyPrinter::~nsXMLPrettyPrinter(
 nsXMLPrettyPrinter::PrettyPrint(nsIDocument* aDocument,
                                 bool* aDidPrettyPrint)
     *aDidPrettyPrint = false;
     // Check for iframe with display:none. Such iframes don't have presshells
-    if (!aDocument->GetShell()) {
+    nsIPresShell* shell = aDocument->GetShell();
+    if (!shell) {
         return NS_OK;
     // check if we're in an invisible iframe
     nsPIDOMWindowOuter *internalWin = aDocument->GetWindow();
     nsCOMPtr<Element> frameElem;
     if (internalWin) {
         frameElem = internalWin->GetFrameElementInternal();
@@ -146,16 +147,21 @@ nsXMLPrettyPrinter::PrettyPrint(nsIDocum
     nsCOMPtr<nsIContent> rootCont = aDocument->GetRootElement();
     // Grab the system principal.
     nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> sysPrincipal;
+    // Destroy any existing frames before we unbind anonymous content.
+    if (rootCont->IsElement()) {
+        shell->DestroyFramesForAndRestyle(rootCont->AsElement());
+    }
     // Load the bindings.
     RefPtr<nsXBLBinding> unused;
     bool ignored;
     rv = xblService->LoadBindings(rootCont, bindingUri, sysPrincipal,
                                   getter_AddRefs(unused), &ignored);
     NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);
     // Fire an event at the bound element to pass it |resultFragment|.